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32670 religions

The Torah, the bible and the Koran have all one point in common; In the beginning God created heaven and earth! And so he did, but the question that does not answer this beginning is, WHEN! When did it happen and when it did happen was it the first time or was it one of the several previous times. We know for a fact that the earth is millions of years old. We also know that the compensation of the earth has changed several times, the last one being the Noah’s flood. That was also a new beginning of an earth to be re-populated.

Examination of the DNA of living and dead humans and archaeological and paleontological evidence shows that humans have been on Earth much longer than suggested by the genealogical information given in the Bible. According to National Geographic Magazine, Homo erectus evolved 1.7 million years ago. Homo sapiens (modern humans) go back as far back as 100,000- 150,000 thousand years ago. This contradicts the belief of fundamentalist Abrahamic religions that Adam and Eve were the first two Human Beings. But this only if we do ignore archaeological evidence available. It would explain the void as climate changes altered the earth several times.

In the Bible, if read literally, Cain was married before Adam had a daughter. So this would seem to rule out incest. He still found a wife, meaning that his wife must have had parents and if not created by God must have had parents as well. It is only at Genesis 5:4 that we read of Adam having daughters, after the birth of Seth. However, we could say that there were earlier daughters whose births were simply not recorded. However this lead to the conclusion that if those births were not recorded then maybe the previous destruction of the earth was also not record and that in turn could explain why the earth was void, empty. However, look at Genesis 5:1-2, which has been inserted out of context into the story of Adam's children:"This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him; male and female created he them and called their name Adam in the day when they were created."

However if we explore the bibles beginning, such as God created all, and that this would include all the universe above and around us, then arises the old question once more, who created God. The centuries old as that God was there always cannot stand up anymore science is gone far enough to eliminate this. That would be the same as answering the question of who was first the chicken of the egg. This also cannot be answered as one answer or the other will be but who created either the chicken or the egg. Or what was first there, the Universe which created God or God who created the universe. Here also lingers the question who created either the universe or God.

The spirit of God was over the waters, here is an probably alternative as spirits is not something we easily can pin point to a substance, some believe they are around us to protect or to harm us but in essences it cannot be seen heard or watched. As we do not know what spirits actual are, we have many different explanations of which not one of them make any sense, we cannot deny that the spirit of God was over the waters. We may therefore presume that it is possible that God was a spirit and as such created all. Not only the present world of the Homo Sapiens but also the previous worlds before this as we know now that the world was near destroyed several times. The last time the Homo Sapiens was created as the man race of human. This does not mean that it could not be possible that resembles of previous creations had managed to survive the destruction just as Noah and his sons survived the destruction of the flood.

So here we go back to the spirits who are around us, and we will as example write a couple of stories people wrote us and who agreed that they could be published on the net.

The first one is of a 17 year old man or boy regardless which part of the world the reader lives, was ice skating on a large lake, he was speeding suddenly and was way in front of the others when he stopped skating and let himself glide the side of one of the many small islands in the lake and then sat down. When he looked at the others, he saw them standing far away at the side of a large part where the ice was dissolved because of those rare under ice streams what can erode the ice on such rare occasions in no time. If he had not been sliding the last 200 yards he would been through the ice and with no doubt had died. The sliding stopped it from cracking the ice where a simple skate movement would have been his end. He was convinced that a good spirit made him stop skating and as such saved his live.

The next example is that of a man and a truck, he had reversed the truck into the narrow sliding space with the back so far that the lid of the back flab which was on a chain holding it horizontal to make the unloading more easily. The space between the back flab and the dead –end wall was about a yard and a half so space enough to unload and move the boxes to the narrow side door as he had done so many times almost daily for the last ten years. While unloading the boxes, there was suddenly a loud metallic snap and instantly the truck started to move backwards. With a wall behind him and next to him and the boxes on the other side he could not get anywhere. He tried to climb on the back flap but that was blocked with the heavy boxes he was unloading. With not able to move backwards up or left or right he tried in vain to push the truck to a stop this to no avail. The back flap was now pushing into his waist and he felt that soon he would be simple flattened in the waist against the back wall, he tried to keep his breath out to make so much space as possible but the truck kept coming backwards. Just when he thought he would be ended his life split in half behind a truck, the truck suddenly stopped and although he could not move, he was not in danger anymore although in a lot of pain. About 15 minutes later someone came to see why the truck was not unloaded yet found him got help and he was feed. What happened was that the brake fluid pipe was snapped for unknown reasons, which made the truck slide of the slope and stopped for a still never explained reason. He also is convinced that it was a spirit who stopped the truck and saved his life.

The third example is in the Swiss Mountains were a man made his way from the radish bahn(train) above Davos towards Arosa a route he had walked many times before and which led via a small mountain path downwards towards a place called Langwies. As said he had walked this many of times and never had any problems doing so regardless of that was in the snow or in the flowers covered Alms towards Arosa. While walking down the path suddenly without warning a heavy cloud filled the area and the view was absolute nil, Knowing the way he decided carefully to follow the well know part, until something inside him warned him to sit this one out and wait for clearer sight. He did so and the cloud slowly moved onwards away from where he was sitting. When the view was clear again his hearth almost stopped by the sight he had. He was sitting less than two feet of the place where the path had crumbled and disappeared in 100 feet ravine. If he had followed the path so well known by him he would have fallen 100 feet down onto the sharp mountain rocks, and death would have been the result, no doubt. He also thanked the spirits who had made him stop and sit down and with this saved his life.

We have hundreds of similar stories given by people who did experience them. Was it a spirit or was it God. Some will say either the one or the other, however here there is a difference. Would God have stopped him on his walks in the Swiss Mountains, after all God could have stopped the path from falling away in the first place and as such there would not have been a danger. A Spirit does not have that option they can only act to avoid situations either by warning signs or a changing of a move made. And here we enter the main problem, if God was God the one who could create and created man after his own image, then he could not have been a spirit, a spirit has no form as we are well aware off. Or as spiritualists are saying they are all around us but you cannot see them. God is different, was seen as we can read in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran. The problem is now obvious, if God was a being in the image which he gave to man, than who was it that created Him. And so we are back at the chicken or the egg.

Does this mean that if God gave his image to man, actual had the form of a man? We will remembering that Adam in Hebrew can also be simply 'man', this could be seen as a repetition of the first creation account of man in Genesis 1:27. In the first creation account, we don't know how many males and females God made, nor do we know at 5:1-2. He simply made man, both male and female, and named them all 'Adam'. This version does if we look at it closer not held up as the bible in Genesis clearly tells us that Adam and Eve lay down together. And it was only one Even that eat the forbidden fruit and it was only one man she confessed this, Adam. Genesis 3:8/13 clearly show it concerns here one man and one woman. However, many scholars believe that the stories of Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel are myths. S. H. Hooke (Middle Eastern Mythology) shows a clear parallel between the biblical account and an older Middle Eastern myth in which Tammuz had to choose between the shepherd-god and the farmer-god. The stories of Adam and Eve's children are simply myths that are not meant to be understood literally or rationally. Thus, we need not wonder whether they were incestuous or whether God created more than 2 persons. The important part is the lesson the story teaches. The myth of Adam and Eve teaches us that God is good, since he created a paradise for mankind to live in.  

If the Torah, the Bible and the Koran is read literally (which it ought to be because if God didn't literally create us, love us and die for us, then the Bible doesn't help us at all), Adam and Eve are the only two humans, so yes their children did have to commit incest to continue growing the population. However, if the remands of a previous earth where still there just as Noah and his sons were still there after the Flood destruction and new earth, then that incest falls away as they could have mixed outside the Garden of Eden with the same people of which Cain had married in the land of Nod. Others say that the population went fast because people had a longer life and long lifespan can create the possibility for population explosions unlike anything we can imagine. However, although still disputed it is presumed that by a lack of a calendar before the Flood of Noah, the lifespan was measured in moons. There was no exact year cycle as that was not known yet, so people simple counted the new moon as an extra age accumulation of 13 moons a year, it makes an age today of 15 in those day as 195. I makes the 1000 years of Methuselah actual 76 in our time. So that explosion of the population as suggested is void and we are back at the people who were the survivors of the previous earth destruction.

Now we have to make a decision of was God a man like God, or was God a spirit who hovered over the earth.

Actual it does not really the matter, God one way or another is God, The spirits can be the souls of people who die or can be the angels of God protection us, and again it does not matter as God is God.





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