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32662 entslaving countries

The United States respects the Kyrgyz Republic’s sovereignty and democratic form of government. The events of the last few days are a reflection of internal political dynamics, not external ones. We call on all of Kyrgyzstan’s neighbours and international partners to refrain from violating its sovereignty during this delicate moment in its national history. It means that for the USA the situation so perfect created in 2015 by Miller the charge de affair, is falling apart. But, let us view back to the good old times for the USA, and see the position although it was a short one of Richard Miller, the perfect person to operate in Kyrgyzstan as a complete robot style diplomat following his orders into perfection.

He is the equivalent of Victoria Nuland is in Kyrgyzstan the charge the affair Richard Miles 2015, where Miles goes revolutions follows. A ruthless career fighter who could not care about countries or people as so long he is praised in the US. Miles has been awarded the State Department's Meritorious Honour Award and Group Superior Honor Award (twice). In 1992 he was awarded a Presidential Meritorious Service Award and a national award for reporting. In 2004 he was the recipient of the State Department's Robert C. Frasure Award for peaceful conflict resolution. He is ruthless but not too bright and good follower of instructions but lacks self initiative, he obeys the given orders as he knows that brings him the status he wants and rewards and awards to honour him. Not for the work he has done as creating trouble seems to have been his greatest achievement.

In Kyrgyzstan where he was as charge de affair the only part he had to play is threatening the Kyrgyzstan President to see it the USA way of face a revolution. Such a revolution would have then created by the USA as they have done in Ukraine and now trying to do in Belarus. This could be seen in his letter to the Kyrgyz people as quote; "Seventy years ago, the flags of freedom unfurled across Europe and Asia as victorious Allied troops brought World War II to an end.

The years of World War II were a hard and heroic time in the lives of both of our countries," he follows. When it mattered most, a generation of American and Kyrgyz soldiers joined forces with our allies and showed the finest qualities of our nations and of humanity. Millions more like Zuurakan Kainazarova supported the war effort at home, working diligently in factories and on farms to provide supplies and food to those fighting in distant places like Normandy and Dubosekovo."

It shows his following orders regardless as he did know or should have known that Kyrgyzstan was part of the USSR brought Hitler to his knees.

However, from an orders following career diplomat, you cannot expect if he comes from America that he actual knows something about history. His job generally s to prepare the opposition in the countries the Americans want to control, and sadly to say Kyrgyzstan borders on China and is an easy to control country as such it would be ideal for a revolution so that America can place his missiles against China on the China border. He followed on with; today, the face of tyranny has changed, but the dangers to peace and freedom remain…let us remain faithful to the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents. Let us aspire to the selfless heroism of and stand firm against those who would redraw the borders of their neighbours by force, or massacre innocents who do not share their beliefs. We owe them an eternal debt to Cholponbai Tuleberdiev) a monument to Hero of Soviet Union Tuleberdiev stands in Bishkek

Miles followed on with, to finish the job they started, and as they did for us, to guarantee peace, prosperity, and liberty for our own children, and for our children’s children." And was a warning for the Kyrgyzstan people never to trust an American as that what he mentioned and warned against is just what the Americans are doing world-wide, see the massacres in Libya, Iraq, still ongoing in Afghanistan, Syria and the Ukraine and the want to be in Belarus all American creations.

Miles should remember, that is if he ever learned this that WW2 was for the majority part a victory fought for by the people of the Soviet or as the Belarusian President said well knowing that his country is one of those on which the Americans have set their eyes as one of the next target, after Armenia. Today, he said, during the remembrance of the end of WW2, in Moscow, "Today, looking to the past, we evaluate the present as well. Victory requires unity, solidarity to the successors of the Soviet people. However, with the passing of the decades, leaders and politicians have appeared – 'accountants', who dream to split the victory by nationality…The answer to these insinuations is simple: Nazism was smashed by Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Kazakhs or Uzbeks. The Great Victory was made possible by the Soviet people!"

Over the last couple of tears there is an activity in Bishkek of American activities which can be seen as highly suspicion. We have seen activities that does not are usual seen in States like Kyrgyzstan, our team asked extra manpower to overcome American actions directly interfering with the development work done in North East Kyrgyzstan. We noticed the SUV of the Americans on the A363 taking the mountain road, did not see them coming back. Karakol is not that large to miss the rather obvious SUV’s of America. Then there are the rumours that the opposition is bribed to do the Americans work at a similar scale as was done in Syria and Ukraine and then you really start to wonder. Not that the Americans will act yet, as so long the President obeys the USA orders and USA can place the basics of missile launcher in the east of the country, USA will be to good friend.

There must be strict control by the UN over subversive activities on the part of the American administration to destabilise former soviet republics; like what is going on in Armenia now. The US offers cash to certain opposition parties to foment trouble, and Miller is the man who has proven he can do this as the body count he leaves behind proofs. We have now not only the problems of the Ferghana valley where the mountain slopes have the fertile ground needed for agriculture and grazing so to say an tinderboxes for water and land disputes that can pull in not only local populations but also the governments of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, which divide the Ferghana valley among them. It concerns here a 130-square-kilometre fertile area around the village of Vorukh, which is populated by some 32,000 people, the vast majority of them Tajiks. Legally, Vorukh is part of Tajikistan, but due to past redrawing of borders, it exists as an exclave some 20 kilometres inside Kyrgyzstan. The last battle left 5 border patrol guards dead and two Tajik guards were put in hospital while they accusing the Kyrgyzs from grabbing land for new transport routes. And that explains the US SUV’s always nearby.

Miller who was bribing or blackmailing the opposition, although dead threats are also possible if it concerns the American interests. On certain days some people organized by civil society and rights groups gathered in front of the presidential building in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, they were protesting against a government initiative to hold a referendum which would make changes to the country's constitution. Protesters attached portraits of government officials with their faces crossed out to the presidential building's gates, and carried banners saying "Do Not Sell the Country!" and "Do Not Rape the Constitution." The constitutional changes proposed, include a series of initiatives amending the composition of the Constitutional Chamber, the structure of the Supreme Court, and measures aimed at strengthening party control over parliamentary deputies. If it goes through, it would be the ninth time Kyrgyzstan's constitution has been amended since the country's independence in 1992. The latest constitution was adopted in 2010, which was approved by the Council of Europe's Venice Commission, and does not allow alterations until 2020.

However, a protest that was suddenly arranged was also exposed as a scandal involving the hitman of the American Administration, a film was loaded on YouTube video which showed protest organizer Nurbek Toktakunov, leader of local NGO 'Precedent', meeting with US Charge d'Affaires Richard Miles shortly after the protest in 2015. This means that once again the Americans were using NGO’s as their way of infiltration the countries opposition to get what they want it would explain the SUV in Karakol as the place where the demonstration was orchestrated by Miller. It was obvious that after the demonstrations Toktakunow had to re-briefed, it also shows that the NGO and Toktakunow are working for the American Administration and that Toktakunov was accounting for his work before the Americans face to face with his controller in that time, Miller.

The YouTube story has gaining wide attention in local media, and the result was that Toktakunow due to the scandal attempted to explain the meeting with Miles, who has been described as a the evil of the revolutions'. The civil society organizer told Kyrgyz news agency that "the meeting had been planned for a long time. The original meeting was scheduled for June 18, but I was busy and forgot, so the Americans carried it forward to the 24th. It had no relation to yesterday's events." And that is a very unlikely story, it certainly not calmed down the Kyrgyz media's fears, as since Miles was appointed as Charge d'Affaires there are made many calls for him to be called back, however the American administration did so in September 2015.

But his being there and the undercover actions of the Americans, the heightened activities of the American Embassy more for a country size like Russia then a small state as Kyrgyzstan. The result is suspicion of what the Americans are up to and in which way would it destroy their country as they have seen before in Ukraine, as the journalists have not ruled out that Miller was sent by the American administration is planning another revolution in the country. The old saying is evil goes as evil do’s and the evil here is obvious Miller and the American administration’s China politics.


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