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Thou shall not kill
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Israel on the war path wants......
32768 of torture
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32658 war path. no2

Turkey one of the NATO countries, a country with a past and present history as a violent ruthless state wants more. The murders in Armenia, although suppressed by the Western NATO countries, are indeed simple a fact. The violence and the murders on the Kurdish population are indeed also a fact, a crime also suppressed by the West as a fact; the regular invasions into Iraq and Syria are also a fact, once again suppressed by the West. The Western read USA organisations operating in and around Turkey under the most fantasy names pretending to be local USA supporting groups, but which are funded and paid for by the Americans to supply disinformation.


Turkey never far from crying when it in trouble, as was to see when the most lawless country in the world Israel attacked in international waters an ship and attempted to kill all on board but did not managed this complete, but killed some Turkey citizens on board of the Turkey ship. Promptly started to cry their eyes out and started with threats against Israel. Those threats they could never do as the Americans in charge of the NATO would never allow anything to be done against the world’s most lawless state.  


So Turkey did the good thing in the Western eyes and followed the American orders to ask the United Nations to establish a buffer zone inside Syria for harbouring refugees, a proposal endorsed by yet another slave of the Americans Britain and France. It was one of the American stupidities once more. It is noticed that under the Obama Regime in the United States American not themselves making requests to the UN but let it be done by one of their tied country slaves. They are then blamed when it goes wrong.


We have seen that in the Libyan action where the worlds number two of the dumbest people list, the UK FM Hague did all the dirty work. In Syria they have Qatar and Saudi to do the dirty work to start the slaughter, and now using Turkey to try to finish it off. Turkey did already attempt to check the artillery of Syria by flying a plane into Syrian airspace. That also failed, so now we have the Turkey request for an act that will make it necessary that to require military intervention, at the time broke the ministerial meeting of the Security Council on Refugees without a resolution or even a presidential statement.

The United Nations should establish "without delay" safe zones inside Syria, because his country has become bear the brunt of refugees, having numbered on its territory eighty thousand.  He said: "When we stand without standing idle, while indelible entire generation indiscriminate shelling and targeting deliberate mass?” warning that the delay of the international community to intervene would mean complicity in what is going on. Turkey did not mention that their weapon deliveries their surveillance of the area’s led to the increase of the violence in Syria and that Turkey actively had Turkey troops on Syrian ground even it they were pretending to be rebels fighting for freedom. However, if Turkey wants a safe zone in Syria should we then not get safe zones for the Kurds who are now slaughtered time after time in a genocide attempt by Turkey.


That Turkey comes away with murder is due to their strategic place in the NATO, were Turkey as a Muslim country is willing to slaughter other Muslims so that their friend s the Americans will go on sending them money. A baksi is never a point to be lost to the Turks. However as usual the toothless UN which stand under direct control of America via their man Ban Ki Moon, a man that would be better in leading the Moonies (no disrespect intended for the Moonies) but we would be afraid that even there he would failing.


If the Western countries do not stop interfering in Syria, interfering in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Turkey, in Azerbaijan and Armenia and put aside their ludicrous suggestions of Trump that they only give advice on the Turkey border, while even Western observers in Syria were already captured by US army man, beaten and near killed by them for just being not in the position to support the US led terrorism. The absurd claim from the Americans that they do not like Assad and therefore he has to leave and that they are prepared to kill if needed the whole of the Syrian population to get what they want.


It is no good for the Americans to hide themselves behind the actual self appointed mayor he calls himself a Sheikh what indeed means the status of a self appointed mayor although sheikh sound better of a small stroke of land which he stole from his father. That Qatar the base of bonded slavery slaves and human trafficking is elevated by the West to an ally a corrupt one but still an ally and under friends you do not see the crimes and corruptions if you can pick up the profits. It has no use for the USA to use the Israeli to bomb the Syrian troops under the heading that they are Iranians which confirmed they were not. USA went even further by killing a Iranian general, which has as a result that Iran doubled their defence, if there ever was a stupidity the killing the general was one.


A better leader can be seen in the President of Iran that from his point of view his country sees the solution in Syria in a free and fait open election involving all components of the population. The Western States united in the NATO and other bonds that tied them to the USA, will never allow free and fair election and will all what they can do to boycott them in the hope to increase the death toll created by them via their support for the terrorist and the small group of Syrian rebels.


America is in a hurry just as they were in Libya were they started the Syrian rebellion before the end phase in Libya was reached. They now want to move on to Iran and for that reason their 100% controlled neighbour Canada was ordered to cut ties with Iran in the hope that the other handful of Western states will do the same. However Canada would have done it anyway as the backhanders of Saudi to Trudeau or others of his entourage is a rich making sideline for the leader in Canada. The fact that Iran did under international law nothing wrong is not a point for the Americans, not does the proven fact that America/Britain/Germany and Israel do nothing else then breaking International Laws. As with Iraq they simple make one up, the one for Iran is that the Iranian government want nuclear weapons. The fact that several authorities included the Iranian president and the Iranian religion leader have said that they do not want nuclear weapons and that it is against their religion is also not a point for the Americans.


That Israel gives the orders to the US is for the Americans enough. The fact that Israel from every three words they say they lie two of them as is proven, does not the matter. That Israel operates a concentration camp called Gaza does not the matter. That Bedouins are slung out of their homes to make place for Jews does not the matter. That the Israeli’s stealing the land and the homes from the Arabs, doe for the West not matter. That they locking up children as adults do not matter. That the Israeli as so clearly demonstrated do not accept the UN instructions and rules does not the matter. That Israel breaks all the international rules and laws does not the matter for the Americans. That Israel ignores the IAEC does not the matter all other countries in the world have to but not Israel America said so.


The old saying that the proof is in the pudding is rather obvious here. Qatar and Saudi wants an all-out war because they want to rid of the Shiite Muslims. The Americans want just power and the Iranian oil and gas. And it made them possible to circle around Russia and China at the same time. As the NATO leader already have indicated the next victim after that will be Azerbaijan or Armenia. Our money is on Azerbaijan as that id the way direct to the Russian east border and the Chinese north/west border. Point is do the NATO countries have appetite to get involved in yet another American fantasy at the orders of Israel via APAC. The UK most certainly will as they are most under threat of the Americans for being invaded. The Americans almost have done this before but WW2 stopped them.


However the world, as the signs are showing are getting slowly enough of the anti-Semitic actions of the Israeli against the Semitic Arab population. The old used phrase that they the Israeli are the Semitics is a fantasy that is already void a long time ago. Their conclusion that if you are speaking Hebrew you are a Semitic is a fable; Speaking German does not make an Englishman a German. Neither does the fact that a Russian Jew or an American Jew suddenly learns Hebrew and is then a Semitic a fable.


Let us be well, being Jewish means you believe the Jewish religion principles. It does not make you an Israeli or a Semitic person. Nor does being a Roman Catholic make you an Italian. It is time that Western Government and special those in Europe start thinking European instead of simple obeying the Americans. You can hear the Americans laughing they are keeping the Europeans poor and give the Americans the change to get better economical again, while keeping Europe under the thump, permanently.

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