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32620 The rule of Thump

The reason our planet lost the terrible lizards of eras long past may seem self-evident. However, so is the loss of billions of people in the beginning of the Anthropogenic time. About 66 million years ago, an asteroid came screaming out of the sky and smacked into what is now the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. The devastation that followed was unprecedented, with tsunamis, an overheated atmosphere, darkened skies, a terrible cold snap, and other apocalyptic ecological events clearing away an estimated seventy-five percent of known life on Earth.

Palaeontologists know this catastrophe as the K/Pg extinction event because it marks the transition from the Cretaceous 66 million of years ago. The Cretaceous–Palaeogene (K–Pg) extinction event (also known as the Cretaceous–Tertiary or K–T extinction). The Chicxulub impactor, also known as the K/Pg impactor and (more speculatively) as the Chicxulub asteroid, was an asteroid or other celestial body. It was  some 11 to 81 kilometres (7 to 50 mi) in diameter and having a mass between 1.0×1015 and 4.6×1017 kg. Which when it struck the Earth at a velocity of roughly 20 kilometres per second at an angle of just under 60 degrees at the end of the Cretaceous period, 66 million years ago. It did create the Chicxulub crater. It affected a few kilometres from the present-day town of Chicxulub in Mexico, after which the impactor and its crater are named.

Because the estimated date of the object's impact and the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary (K–Pg boundary) coincide, there is a scientific consensus that its impact was the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event which caused the sudden mass extinction of three-quarters of all plant and animal species on Earth, including all non-avian dinosaurs. In October 2019, researchers reported that the event rapidly acidified the oceans producing ecological collapse and long-lasting effects on the climate, and, accordingly, was a key reason for the Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction event. Nevertheless, even though it has been studied constantly, the details of this event still puzzle the experts. The case was not closed with the recognition of the impact crater in the 1990s, and exactly how the extinction played out. What differentiated the living from the dead, continues to inspire palaeontologists to dig deeper and further into the cataclysm of the Cretaceous.

To understand the full story, we have to back from the moment of impact and look at the environment as it was in that time. Dinosaurs were not living in a stable and Mesozoic utopia environment, nor were they the only organisms around at the time—far from it. The world was changing around them as it always had. As the Cretaceous ended, sea levels were dropping, the climate was tending toward a cooler world, and a part of prehistoric India was bubbling with intense volcanic activity. Sorting through how these changes affected life on Earth is no simple task, particularly after the cataclysmic meteorite mixed things up in the rock record, but palaeontologists are sifting through the wreckage to better understand what happened. In order to get an idea of what happened in the wake of the asteroid impact, we need solid baseline data on what rates of background extinction were like before the K/Pg took place.

The idea that we are now living in the Anthropogenic – a new geological epoch characterised by humanity’s influence on the planet – has gained wide currency in recent years. And now a group of experts tasked by the International Commission on Stratigraphy to assess whether human activities are leaving a strong trace in the rock record have advised that the Holocene – the epoch that has defined the last 10,000 years – should indeed be declared over.

To say that we are living in the Anthropogenic does not mean that our impacts now define the earth system, or that we have control over it. We like the Dinosaurs, have no control over the forces outside our power. We are just pawns in a global strategy controlled by a handful of power mad entities, who were the main cause of the rise of Thump.

A moment of catastrophe can only make sense within the broader context of life before and after. “This would make the difference between the cataclysmic events at Chicxulub being either the primary cause of the extinction or merely the coup de grace that finished off an ecosystem whose resilience had been gradually worn away. While the K/Pg extinction was a global crisis, how it played out at various locales around the planet is largely unknown. The amount of information at any given location depends on how well the relevant rock layers are preserved and how accessible they are to scientists. Some of the best exposures happen to be located in North America, then and now again where the pollution of the asteroid impact killed of many life forms plant and animal and the greed and stupidity of Thump did the same. There is also a continuous sequence of sedimentary layers recording the end of the Cretaceous straight through to the beginning of the Palaeogene, followed by a relative stable Holocene, into the Anthropocene. These events offer before and after shots of both extinctions, As in the first extinction some flora and fauna did survive, and so does some in the aftermath of the Thumb cataclysmic event. It’s these exposures will allow scientists to investigate what really did happen then.

Now in the Anthropocene we can look back at the catastrophe create by the onslaught of the Thump effect. After his re-election and the grab for the life presidency, which he received by the majority of the Senate, against enormous amounts to persuade the senate to see it his way and that of the one percent, who are his promoters for profit. Looking at the record of his presidency it shows that from the early beginning, he had only one point in mind, his own interest.

The question scientist are most interested in is how could a man with an IQ of minus 100, who did build his empire on his father’s money and used it as a debt guarantee for the immense loans, he got from rather dubious sources, end up as a president. To be re-elected and then installed as the president of life? For that, we have to go back to the beginning of the second term of the previous president. In the first term, he did a lot for the people, improved their life standards, and made friends all over the world. However, after being on that blanket of success of the first period, he found certain parties in the top of the industrial life were not supporting him any more as the profit they had expected did not materialised.

The 1% club after many talks and meetings found the solution in a talk show host besides his many failed businesses and bankruptcies was in a financial deplorable state. The choice was made and Thumb was elected to run for president. It almost failed as the other side won the peoples vote by a rather large majority. However, the 1% knew the way to the Electoral College money belt, filled it and then the college decided that Thump had won. After that Thump did what he order to do, and the absurdities did start. Hatred flew over the world it still could have been gone wrong when the EU, a collection of stated more interested in their leaders profits and mostly ignored the people, had problems with the Thump absurdities.

That problem was however easily solved, money, and plenty of it in the EU pockets, the fact that the EU leadership is generally seen as psychotic patience of a institution where they were allowed to rule the asylum called the EU. After this the EU, did not longer ask what is good for the European people, but what is good for America and how to please Thump. The three most fanatic ultra leaders in the EU, Germany, France, and the Netherlands did more than following the US orders, they anticipated them and acted ferocious to please the Americans and as such, they could see the money flowing into their pockets.

The turn to the worst was when America started threatening the dictator ruled states in the Middle East, the so-called Arab states, they should obey the Zionists of Israel or a popular uprising (Arab Spring) would be launched which would mean the present dictators would follow the Kaddafi or the Hussein trail. Being shot or hanged, so they choose the demanded path, and said they would be peace with Israel. Never mind that there was no war between those countries and Israel makes it just a much needed promotion for Thumb. It shows what dictators are willing to do to obey another dictator.

After the November election were very dubious won by Thump, whole areas were not allowed to vote. Voting locations were closed, postal votes mystical disappeared when they did not show Thumb on the ballet paper, the Electoral College and the Supreme Court were standing by to make sure he would win; as such, he could not lose. The major media’s were given the order to indoctrinate like Joseph Goebbels did in WW2 to make sure that the people would believe that the lie told was made to be the truth.

Slowly Thumb established a new time selected by the 1% but presented as before of Thumb doing. It was a ruthless one complete based on money/greed for the 1%, supported by the ultra right Christian freaks. 2022 did enter and so did the verbal attacks on China, Iran and Russia. Then India for the fourth time under Morsi under USA orders as previous did attack China. With China attention on India, the US fleet had no trouble to invade the Chinese waters and the first nuclear strikes against China. They were med with great enthusiasm of the EU who promised arms and man to eliminate China, a copy of the North Korea situation in 1950. There the USA also created a war situation by invading/infiltrating North Korea, North Korea as we all know retaliated and beat the US forces to a small corner of South Korea were the USA needed the help of another 18 countries to get a status quo. Why the USA though they could eliminate China with nuclear power is any ones guess, it failed for two reason, the nuclear clouds poisoned Japan and threatened to poison Honolulu, and the islands thereof.

The second reason was that China had his own nuclear power, well hidden form the always-spying eyes of the USA and Japan. The result was that more than the half of the USA fleet was vaporised, the EU forces attempted to land in Xinjiang province expected that they would get help from the Muslims there, were med with a 30 million strong army which eliminated the Europeans, and annihilated the NATO forces. The Indian forces had trouble as the Indian population already in severe poverty due to the Covid 19in the year 2020 an 2021 resurging in February 2022 demanded Morsi’s stand down. Japan already dying under the USA nuclear fall-out had enough, they did remember the humiliated defeat in 1945, and did see now the same happening again. The first attack on Alaska followed when Russia in a limited form did enter the USA created war against the USA. Canada was given the option to stand down or face the same as Alaska. The Canadians like the British who were already neutral stood down and USA now faced China and Russia, their hope that the Arab states and Egypt would attack Iran failed, and instead they eliminated the State of Israel.

After this the war just really started, in the fourth year Thumb declared himself president for life, supreme commander of the world in a new 1000 year empire and did set America under lockdown, and person over the age of 15 was forced into the army to be sent against the well trained Chinese and Russian veterans. It was raining nuclear bombs every were in the world as the USA in their frustration took revenge on all the countries they had in the past threatened or bribed and who now would not obey.

When that war finished 3 billion people were death, and a similar were ill from radiation and spread over the world less than 2 billion had survived without being ill or death. The Chinese left the America’s, while Russia was to be overseen a new election for a new president as Thumb was taken to China to stand trial together with his close associated and family. The outcome was already clear, long life forced labour in the mountains, as the Chinese said death was too good for them. Russia took Alaska back and Canada had now a new north neighbour Russia.

Scientists in the world will have years of work, to work out where it went wrong. The 1% so glorious when WW2 was finished was now finished. All companies larger than a billion dollar and any person with more than a billion dollar was now under control of the state. Before the Thump war, the 1% was all powerful, now they were able to work but any interference in Politic or bribery would be med with certain death, it was a simple question of behave and be wealthy or do not behave and be death. A clear Utopia but also the beginning of a normalization. The Chinese, Russian and African states would control America for the next ten years, with some Asian countries as observers. With the healthy population of the world now down to a 2 billion, labour was in short supply, and the EU had fallen apart as the EU countries were licking their wounds of the loss of millions of citizens. The EU leaders who did promote the American actions and the invasion of China were removed and the EU now an informal band of states was under control of Russia and China.

I think this is an important view on what could be happening when violence and greed are getting out of hand. The message is to keep this in mind when thinking of causes of the both extinctions. Both were created by violence one by the violent impact of a asteroid the other by a violent impact of Greed combined with power. Each different ecosystem could have had its own smaller scale biodiversity drivers that were in operation before the extinction, which underlay the big, global factors. What was good for turtles, amphibians, plants, and other organisms in one place might not have been beneficial in another, underscoring that we can’t comprehend global shifts without the foundation of local diversity. Rock formations in both cases were altered and can in time show the effects the Astoroid and the Thumb had on them. In this scenario the active destruction on the rocks by the asteroid and the nuclear bombs can be seen more or less the same in impact. Ecosystems are complicated things, and I think that is worth keeping in mind when considering the cause and duration of the mass extinction, of the dinosaur and the billions of people by violent impact.

As far as destruction goes, the ecological community at the time leading up to the extinction was like a big game of Jenga blocks. The tower remains standing, but factors like climate change, destruction are slowly pulling blocks out from it, weakening the system and making it vulnerable. The constantly shifting ecological stability made major upsets—like an asteroid striking at the wrong place, at the wrong time—especially disastrous. Like Thumb greed and power obsession striking at the wrong time result being disastrous.

While the reason non-avian dinosaurs and other organisms died off always grabs our attention, However the effects for the disappearing of 4 billion people has been harder for scientists to determine why the survivors were able to pass, or will be able to pass, through to the next chapter of life’s history.

This new information allows scientists to study patterns of turnover, how long species persisted on land and in associated freshwater habitats, and how long before and after the asteroid impact and the Thumb disaster. It’s like one gigantic jigsaw puzzle that need to be sorted out, and we are not even sure we done all the asteroid investigations we’ve started to turn up more of the pieces to. The resulting picture of this critical moment in Earth's history and will only be revealed in time.


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