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32606 web we weave in Belarus

Her US training received in Roscrea, Co Tipperary Ireland, official excuse by her was taking care of the children of Chernobel (Ukraine). The US government has contributed more than 544 million dollar to the IFI. The number of foreign troops, the majority from the US, who have passed through Ireland or its airspace in civilian aircraft almost doubled between 2014 and last year, figures from the Department of Transport reveal.

The number has increased from 101,029 in 2014 to 191,216 in the 10½ months to mid-November last. The figures show that more than 760,000 foreign troops travelled through Irish airports or airspace in the past five years in civilian aircraft chartered by foreign military. A total of 280,669 foreign troops landed at Irish airports while a further 486,256 flew overhead through Irish airspace in the period. More than 86,000 foreign troops landed at Irish airports in the first 10½ months of last year, the highest number in any of the five years for which figures were provided. Overall, more than 1,000 aircraft carrying troops and/or munitions were granted permission to land in or overfly Ireland last year.


Svetlana received just over 10% of the vote, International observers said the voting was free but said the pressure from government was well felt throughout.

She is under USA protection in Poland and given a home. From there she claimed that she had won the election by a 70%, this against the facts of the observers. There is no doubt that Lukashenko is too long in power by far, but the German/US way is as usual the wrong way.

The Lithuanian PM, the one who supports the yearly Waffen SS marches in the Capital. New capabilities may not be in the form of a 100 thousand troops on the ground, but it can be far more impactful, just distributed differently and giving new capabilities and forms of weapon platforms. If we look back at the Ukrainian situation of which Belarus is a carbon copy. The Ukrainian government, the Bandera/Fatherland group who took the power from the people, on the orders of the Americans. The Americans who also appointed the PM and groomed the present President are now killing and burning people alive in Donbas, while the Rights Sector is helping to beat those to death who did survive. This comes hours after Obama and Merkel met in Australia, and the new Fuhrer of Germany then was eager to take back what Hitler had lost, and with taking Belarus as they will, she has her claws in Belarus as well. As such the Germans now control the EU, control Ukraine, were the new president is kicked by the Germans and the USA for not doing what they want, shows that Germany and US are at it again.

However let we remind ourselves that Germany was in the last 200 years 4 times the party who started an European war including WW1 and 2 and rather obvious are now trying it again under leadership of Fuhrer Merkel, already they control the EU near 100% even Britain on US instructions have now recognised Merkel as their leader regardless of the like it or not. Sounds fantastic, sounds unbelievable, well so it does, but we know the US, we remember Korea (they did not win) we remember Vietnam (they did not win) and we can add a whole list to it all started by the US, for no other reason than greed. They tried Europe before (Kosovo) but by then the Germans had already pledged their lieges to the USA so it was not needed anymore, but Russia the very country Germany can see as their Waterloo in WW2 that is a new chance for Germany to flex their aggression. And with the US backing them the way lays free for them to march.

The Ukrainian government did not used heavy police handling against the protesters, they did not used violence to remove the barricades, so what Germany with the US backing did, they killed people confirmed done by the demonstrators, but blamed to the government, by the US and the dishonest Western Media who followed in the German footsteps of Joseph Goebbels and his doctrine plus the Deutche Beobachter and simple changed times and dated. In short they lied. The Ukrainian coup takers of the Bandera and the Fatherland groups took the power after throwing out the government’s party. And now the Bandera/Fatherland groups which include the Black Shirts of the Right Sector are starting to do with they have done in the past so well documented, killing of those who they do not like. So let us look back in history of those Bandera/Fatherland groups. The Third Reich of Hitler did help to create a Ukrainian state. In the summer of 1941 Ukrainian inhabitants of many localities enthusiastically welcomed the arriving German detachments. Ukrainians welcomed them as hero’s erected arches to welcome the Germans and they put up German and Ukrainian flags.

In 1944 the anti-Polish terror of the OUN-UPA (Bandera/Fatherland) shifted to Eastern Galicia (the Lvov, Stanisławów, and Tarnopol voivodeships) as well as to the Lublin region. Polish researchers cautiously estimate the number of Polish victims of the Volhynian massacres, which started during the winter of 1942/43 and ended in mid-1945, at approx. 100,000 (40,000–60,000 victims in Volhynia, 30,000−40,000 in Eastern Galicia, and at least 4,000 in today’s Polish territory, including up to 2,000 in the Chełm region. Moreover, the Ukrainian partisan units forced at least 485,000 Poles (125,000 from Volhynia, 300,000 from the Eastern Galicia, and 60,000 from the Chełm region) to flee to central Poland to avoid death. This is what the EU under German leadership and the US want for Belarus, an extra 500 Americans are on their way to the Lithuanian Belarus area, and we can guess for what reason. The fact that the Western Press is not reporting this is another sign that it was organised by the US and Germany.

"Garrisons in Germany is obviously not having a deterrent effect you might have in divisional headquarters in Poland or cyber warriors in the Baltics, but if you look at the massive US presence in Europe, which is far larger the US ever had in Afghanistan or Iraq, as the matter from purely boots on the ground. The question is not in the number, the question is what we do with the number, and how we apply them to get the result we want regardless. Washington's political attention is leaning towards China or the Middle East, the US in any case wants to have possibilities to continue ensuring the control of Europe. USA has grave doubts of the EU could handle an EU army, or to create one

The United States has allocated $175 million in military aid to the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for 2020, the Estonian defence ministry said Monday. The Estonian defence ministry said that along with $125 million in general military aid, Washington has for the first time earmarked a separate $50 million budget line to boost air defence capabilities of the three ex-Soviet republics, who are all three SS supporting and celebrating the Waffen SS — seen by many military experts a weak area in their current defence.

The overall aim of U.S. military aid to Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius is to strengthen “the deterrence and defence posture in the Baltic States including in the area of airspace and especially in the field of air defence,” Estonian Defence Minister Juri Luik said in a statement. In return Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, has to obey the USA complete and follow their orders and instructions complete, in short the Baltic states are actual dependencies of the USA while being under control of the EU by the way of the Occupation army of America in the EU. The EU itself has some armies but they would not be able to act in a real war, as exercises have proven. They need the Americans to protect them and the German leadership of the EU is happy to obey, the benefits are always coming in handy.

Obvious as we wrote 6 years ago after the Ukraine USA with the help of the always-corrupt EU would do the same to Belarus. It was waiting for a possible well-trained (US) candidate. That election was supposedly to install Svetlana as the new president, but as with Navalny in the Russian election, this failed in Belarus too. Now the SS supporting Lithuanian wants the Western world to obey the Americans and start a new slaughter, but Lithuanian a micro State would never do this without the orders from America who has a large army there.

As we said as 6 years ago, once again the German led EU will start the onslaught on Belarus, and the USA snipers will shoot people in Minsk and then it will be claimed by the EU that Lukashenka gave the order to shoot. We have seen the same scenario in Kiev when the EU interfered there and supported the mass murders on Russian speaking Ukrainians.

The end will be, that USA will be in control of Belarus and the fake president will be installed although as in the Ukraine without real power. Slowly Germany gets the countries Hitler wanted back, they have now the Ukraine, they will get Belarus, after which the 3 Balkan states will have to obey Germany or being absorbed by the EU as nobody’s. This to the glory of Germany who now rules the EU countries, Ukraine and the want for Belarus, the next target will be Russia, however, as history shows that will be a step too far.

They are already furious that Britain has escaped the Merkel claws, and Germany will do everything they can do to make live for Britain difficult as possible, as that is a prey that has escaped them, until now.


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