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An addiction
32561 a view of God
The Western countries
32562 It's burning
The Negev....
32563 Anti-Semitism
The misuse
32564 The Karaites
Part 2
32565 Is Britian changing
Is it really?
32566 Part 3
The Karaites
32567 Britain
Slowly changing
32568 Sliding back?
The 30tier years
32569 Part 4
The Karaites
32570 non-Jews included
32571 in the past.
Back to the future
32572 Part 5
The karaites
32573 Or hit him with the sword
Shall I beat him with a whip
32574 Follow the first reason
To follow the rest
32575 Confession
A brave outspoken
32576 walking to Christ
A small step
32577 The message
32578 The Corinthians
32579 The two Messiah's
David or Joseph
32580 By the grace of God
To be saved
32581 a naste web
we did weave
32582 Celebrating the birth of Christ
Midwinter holiday or....
32583 History
32584 Climate change
The IPCC indication to
32585 Anti-Semitism
Common sense or......
32586 The first wave
32587 chips of the first creation by man
Bible, Torah, Quran
32588 There is evil
In the darkness
32589 The US/UK want to rule the world.
O, what a nasty web we weave
32590 Ignored by Israel, US/UK.
Thou shall not kill
32591 A God's gift
Our free will
32592 from which angle you look at it
It is a creators story
32593 The old question
Will they see?
32594 It is the creators story
From which ever side you look
32595 An old question
Do we have an answer
32596 Lemuria
No: 3
32597 a balancing act
The Genesis story
32598 a believe or a confession
32599 and moraly corrupt, NATO
USA led
32600 Creating a beginning
Controlling people
32601 according to the bible
The bible
32602 against the words of Christ
For the love for Israel
32603 Genesis
Balancing the story
32604 Changing world
A look at a
32605 A small step in time
32606 web we weave in Belarus
What a terrible
32607 Indeed
A changing world
32608 in a changing world
32609 of Jesus.
For the love
32610 The scientists
The bible according to
32611 USA army extention
NATO the
32612 least among the leaders of Judah
You are by no means
32614 Free speech
We have a God given
32615 Into the light.
From the darkness
32616 Evolution
Creation or
32617 for Christ
All for the love
32618 or just a little bounce
Big Bang
32618 The return
Davids Message
32619 to be learned
A lessen
32620 The rule of Thump
Billions of death or,
32621 the wind blows
The lord
32622 suffering at the hand of God
All those who do not believe
32623 In the beginning
32624 Judiasm
The three branches
32625 re-told
An Old story
32626 A humanist
John Calvin
32627 and blamed on others.
Gods beginning. How to tell a story
32628 The foundation of
32629 Ulrich Zwingly
The history of
32630 The Messiah
32631 What have we learne from
32632 non-belief
The atracted alternative
32633 a curious event
32634 The real view.
32635 But are they?
Remember the laws of God
32636 God
We do acknowledge
32637 Adam the first man
The Hebrew creation
32638 Even as a humble Christian
U are needed.
32639 warning
A danger
32640 Only the smell of Greed, power and Control count.
For the West
32641 the prophets
32642 an atrachted alternative
32643 Jewish people
A invention
Was there really?
32645 in endless fear
Looking at it
32646 Ararat
A mountain to climb
32647 A reality?
A floating child
32648 Gods beginning
A new beginning
32649 a holy wonder
32650 your own windows
When you throw in,
32651 Atheists the religion
A clear view on,
32652 on a planet full of water
Not a drop to drink
32653 Christians
When Christians stand against
32654 John Calvin
A view at
32655 not answered
The questions
32657 on the warpath. no1
32658 war path. no2
America again on the
32659 of the Final words
The first
32660 Christianity
The basics of fear
32661 a gods creation
32662 entslaving countries
A real American game
32663 or maybe in another million of years
The end is near
32664 the fears of Christianity
The final word
32665 Be good of cheers
A ship sailed
32666 a good spirit
Gods fear
32667 A good home
For a child
32668 The holy word
A close view
32669 Supernational
Viewing the
32670 religions
The Abrahamic
32671 the Abrahamic religions
Gay and
32672 Where they or.......
The fallen angels
32676 The UN abolished
Israel on the war path wants......

32576 walking to Christ

By his walking on the sea in a storm, when the waves were raised, he showed himself to be that God spoken of in Job 9:8. "That treaded on the waves of the sea." By his stilling the storm, and calming the rage of the sea, by his powerful command, saying, "Peace, be still," he showed that he has the command of the universe, and that he is that God who brings things to pass by the word of his power, who speaks and it is done, who commands and it stands fast; Psalm 115:7. "Who stills the noise of the seas, the noise of their waves."



And Psalm 107:29. "That makes the storm calm, so that the waves thereof are still." And Psalm 139:8f. "O Lord God, who is a strong force unto thee, or to thy faithfulness round about thee, thou rules the raging of the sea: when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them." Christ, by casting out devils, remarkably appeared as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and showed that he was stronger than the roaring lion, that seizes whom he may devour.



We should all be in the sense of using each for himself the reason God has given him. For the freest thing in the universe is mind, and it is only true to its godlike descent when it is free—free as the eagle soaring in his bright eternities of sky, with all thought of chain or wall left far below with the ground he spurns. And a fit image for the mind that has forfeited its freedom is that same bird locked in the iron bars, his crest broken, his wings drooping, and the glory withered from his eye.



No: the memory of home and childhood is sacred, and the sacredness thing on earth is the memory of a mother's religious teaching. And the memory of that church into which our feet were first led is sacred, where we were taught to bend with our fellow-men in worship, where first perchance we felt the touch of God. And the associations connected with these things are often so sweet, so pure, clinging around the events of our early life like a very bloom of roses, that it seems a sacrilege to touch them.


But even that calm sanctuary of childish thought must be invaded. Our duty to God will not permit us to go on holding what we were taught in our childhood, simply because it was taught in our childhood— holding what was taught by a mother's lips, simply because it was taught by a mother's lips—holding what was taught in the church of our youth, simply because it was taught in the church of our youth. From father, mother, minister, we received what each had to give, but not one of them could give us, no living man could give us, yea, no angel from heaven could give us that something more we need, that overmastering sense of Truth which can only he born of the free exercise of our own mind.



This is our duty respecting doctrine, and it is also our duty respecting the management of Christ's Church on earth. It is probable that there is one form of Church government best suited to the healthy development of the Christian religion, and it cannot be a matter of indifference which we adopt. And which shall we adopt? This is the question for each intelli­gent person. For on every hand there are men, bitter partisans of opposing sects, who have no better reason for being what they are than that they were born so, or that they became so through some taste or accident.



Ask the stones on the road to account for their being there. They were thrown there! We have our choice our free will to make the right choice. We do not now argue for or against any religious or ecclesiastical opinions whatever. But we call upon you in the name of God to exercise the reason with which He has endowed you, and to be whatever you are because you see that it is right, and that it would be wrong for you to be anything else. We want to declare to you that concerning the doctrines we hold and the management of Christ's Church, “every one of us shall give account of himself unto God."




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