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to read first, urgent
Places to taste the excellence of food.
An addiction
32501 Bestowed upon us by God
The manner of love
32502 of all.....
The saviour
32503 Who is fooling who
The main question
32504 But who is doubtingh the creation
Some doubt
32505 will He return to us.....
2000 years ago
32506 The story of the Ukraine
Bandera the so admired killer in WW2 by the EU.
32507 With the devil on your side
Who can fail.....
32508 It grows.
Belief is like a tree
32509 I will presch........
Being the least of all saints
32510 The bibles answers
Who can.......
32511 Antique books.
Killing off a market
32512 A path for us.....
God has laid out
32513 You can move mountains.
If you belief
32514 without a church
Spreading the word
32515 On heaven and Earth
Praising the Lord
32516 or are they not?
Are they?
32517 Let us pray.....
When we say.....
32518 wrote those words?
Did Mordecai
32519 Without Jesus?
Would the Hebrew be known
32520 Any real proof of Jesus?
But is there any?
32521 a belief?
32522 Immunity
A system
32523 Revive thy work
Oh Lord
32524 What to do with him
A masn called Christ
32525 Spirits, deities and gods
first three pages
32526 Are the churches getting the hungry
To the table...
32527 Called Jesus.
What tyo do with a man
32528 The mediator
32529 Spirits, Deities, Gods
second part
32530 I should do.
What is it....
32531 It rules religion
32532 full of self control
See a man
32533 Spirits, Deitie, Gods
part four
32534 In the hand of God
We are sinners
32535 Are you?
Iam a Christian
32536 The microben
Human health
32537 Where is my strenght
Heavenly father
32538 Spirits, Deities, Gods
Part four
32539 He shall help us
Do not hesitate
32541 Microbal inflamation
Maladaption of the body
32542 of the feet
The washing.....
32543 Spitits, Deities, Gods
Part five
32544 from gopfor wood
Make yourself an ark
32545 What is life to you,
Our life,
32546 Use it well
Time is short,
32547 When old passes away
All becomes new
32548 Spirits, Deities, Gods
part Six
32549 His love will remove it.
32550 It stirs up your love
His love
32551 The holy spit works.
Through providence
32552 Hell for you.
Hell will be.....
32553 Spirits, Deities, Gods
part seven
32554 Rejoice.......
All the people......
32555 The killing of Floyd
The previous history of
32556 Language
streken Frysk
32557 Karaites
The story
32558 God
The concurend
32559 Atheist
Part two
32560 McCarthyism
A look in the past
32561 a view of God
The Western countries
32562 It's burning
The Negev....
32563 Anti-Semitism
The misuse
32564 The Karaites
Part 2
32565 Is Britian changing
Is it really?
32566 Part 3
The Karaites
32567 Britain
Slowly changing
32568 Sliding back?
The 30tier years
32569 Part 4
The Karaites
32570 non-Jews included
32571 in the past.
Back to the future
32572 Part 5
The karaites
32573 Or hit him with the sword
Shall I beat him with a whip
32574 Follow the first reason
To follow the rest
32575 Confession
A brave outspoken
32576 walking to Christ
A small step
32577 The message
32578 The Corinthians
32579 The two Messiah's
David or Joseph
32580 By the grace of God
To be saved
32581 a naste web
we did weave
32582 Celebrating the birth of Christ
Midwinter holiday or....
32583 History
32584 Climate change
The IPCC indication to
32585 Anti-Semitism
Common sense or......
32586 The first wave
32587 chips of the first creation by man
Bible, Torah, Quran
32588 There is evil
In the darkness
32589 The US/UK want to rule the world.
O, what a nasty web we weave
32590 Ignored by Israel, US/UK.
Thou shall not kill
32591 A God's gift
Our free will
32592 from which angle you look at it
It is a creators story
32593 The old question
Will they see?
32594 It is the creators story
From which ever side you look
32595 An old question
Do we have an answer
32596 Lemuria
No: 3
32597 a balancing act
The Genesis story
32598 a believe or a confession
32599 and moraly corrupt, NATO
USA led
32600 Creating a beginning
Controlling people
32601 according to the bible
The bible
32602 against the words of Christ
For the love for Israel
32603 Genesis
Balancing the story
32604 Changing world
A look at a
32605 A small step in time
32606 web we weave in Belarus
What a terrible
32607 Indeed
A changing world
32608 in a changing world
32609 of Jesus.
For the love
23610 The scientists
The bible according to
23611 USA army extention
NATO the
23612 least among the leaders of Judah
You are by no means
23614 Free speech
We have a God given
32615 Into the light.
From the darkness
23616 Evolution
Creation or
32617 for Christ
All for the love
32618 or just a little bounce
Big Bang
23618 The return
Davids Message
23619 to be learned
A lessen
23620 The rule of Thump
Billions of death or,
23621 the wind blows
The lord
23622 suffering at the hand of God
All those who do not believe

32562 It's burning

Midburn is a 6-day event held in the Negev desert in southern Israel. The first annual event was held in June, 2014, and was attended by 3,000 people. Some 3000 people set up a colourful encampment in the dusty desert landscape, swinging from hoops by day and burning giant wooden sculptures by night. It was Midburn, Israel's first Burning Man festival named after the carnival style festival held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Midburn is a mix of “midbar,” Hebrew for desert, and the English word “burn.” For five days, the people all but, Israelis created a temporary city dedicated to creativity, communal living and what the festival calls “radical self-expression.”

Some came costumed in all kind of dress styles while other did forgo the clothes altogether. Participants brought their own food and water, and shared with others. The only thing on sale was ice because of the scorching heat. There were workshops in sculpture, drawing, and touch therapy. There was music and theatre. At the tents of heaven and hell, the people were chosen at random for one of two fates: getting massages or doing chores. During the day, Bedouin shepherds meandered to the fence surrounding the festival to observe the spectacle. When day turned to night, a larger-than-life wooden sculpture was set on fire. David Ben-Gurion, who dreamed of making the Negev desert bloom though he probably didn't envision it blossoming with hula hoops and pyrotechnics.

The second event was held in May 20-24, 2015, and was attended by 6,500 people. The name itself is a translation/combination of the Hebrew word for "desert (midbar) and the English word "burn" in reference to the annual Burning Man festival in the Negev. The festival is held near Sde Boker, and the themes of the event are creativity, art and personal expression. No money is exchanged and no vendors are present. Instead, people are expected to bring everything they need for the weeklong experience, and camps are expected to provide gifts.

This can range from the practical, like food and cocktails, to the wildly imaginative, sucha as the in 2016 delivered Teddy bear full of life-sized teddy bearsThe burn is held every year in May or June, around the Hebrew holiday of "Shavuot" (Pentecost), and culminates in a bonfire of wooden sculptures. The third Midburn event, in 2016, had an attendance of 8,000 participants, making it the 2nd biggest regional event outside the US.

And that was all the fun, what however is not fun, is that the Gaza resistance against the oppressed regime of Israel, uses fire (arson) as a weapon. There can be no objection against an resistance that attacks the military, military instillations or other parts of the oppressive regime they fighting against, however sinking to the Israeli style of attacking those that cannot defend themselves, crops of landscape, that is simple not on. The Hamas resistance party is directly responsible for the recent wave of ‘balloon bomb’ and ‘terror kite’ attacks by Gaza resistance on Israel, officials say, claiming that the Palestinian resistance group is actively working to organize cells of resistance to prepare and launch incendiary devices at Israeli territory.

It did destroyed thousands of acres of crops, agricultural fields and natural forests. The Israeli army have tried to intercept the incendiary kites with technological measures (drones) but without effective results. Therefore, in the wake of the accumulating damages, Israeli Air Force aircraft recently carried out a series of warning attacks on the civilians (not the perpetrators who were launching incendiary kites and balloons) just civilians as that is easier.

On June 17, 2018, the IDF stepped up its response and attacked nine Hamas targets as they regarding Hamas as responsible for the use of arson as a resistance weapon. In response three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, two of which fell inside Israeli territory. Stepping up responses clearly indicates the potential for escalation caused by the Israeli shoot to kill policy.

Our crops and fields have been burning for three months now. The western Negev is ablaze. For many long weeks, the people living there have been covered in smoke, breathing it. And the Israeli government is coming to terms with the situation, swallowing the heinous resistance campaign. The government has accepted the new equation on the Gaza border. It's okay to burn our fields, and if the IDF "responds" with warning shots near the terrorists, heaven forbid not at the terrorists themselves, they fire rockets at our communities at night. To grasp the magnitude of the failure, we need to go back to the last "round" of fighting on the Gaza border, on May 29. Dozens of rockets and mortars were fired at the Israeli communities, and nothing was destroyed and nobody hurt, as when the IAF and the IDF retaliated with airstrikes and artillery shelling it was seen in the world as absurd behaviour senseless killings and it ended in a disgraceful Israeli defeat.

Of course we are not people who say Israel is at fault or the Gaza resistance is at fault, as were two fighting two are at fault. Obvious Israel wants to overrun the Gaza Stroke, while the Gaza resistance wants the oppressor out and peace returning. These are the Hawks intentions on both sides; I don't believe in an endspiel but believe in a long-term push for peace on both sides. A low-intensity resistance will never provide a clear, unambiguous "victory image for either side." Victory is measured over time. But the way Israel deals within a murderous character as in this case it will not work, nor will the scorching earth of the Gaza resistance, the result we have seen, immediately obvious disappointing and dire.

The round ended in a cease-fire. In principle, a cease-fire means people stop shooting at each other, however, this was a one sided shooting match, as such a cease fire was not possible. However, a one sided cease-fire is a failure when dozens of fields and groves are being burned daily along the Gaza border. The round that concluded in a cease-fire only addressed the rocket fire, not the incendiary kites. This means Israel is not acting against the Gaza resistance when the burn down the fields, nor is this arson by the resistance a breach of the cease fire. This cannot go on it is as such an intolerable situation. A country cannot attack another country almost daily under the heading we are the strongest you obey or we kill you. That principle went out of the door a long time ago.

On the other hand the other country cannot in revenge burn down the fields, as we wrote before a resistance attacks the power of the oppressor not the civilians. And just as Israel shoots the people they say but never proof who are firing the rockets and shoot the innocent civilians because someone somewhere is letting a kite fly with a burning freight. The word what is used by flying a kite is irrelevant when it comes to mass-scale revenge by the Gaza resistance. An incendiary kite isn't a toy, it's a weapon wielded by the resistance. A kite cell is no different than a rocket cell. It has to be destroyed, ideally before it launches. Just as the killing machine called the IDF has to be destroyed ideally before they start the usual killing.

The response to an arson attack has to be identical to the response to a rocket barrage. No country can come to terms with such a flagrant violation of its sovereignty and such agricultural devastation. Nor can any country accept the relentless killing of its civilians because they do not accept the oppressive regime. The way forward is not talking with pointing a gun on the other party as Israel does at the moment, nor is it acceptable that Israel’s nuclear weapon program does not falls under the International Nuclear oversight program, while threatening other countries such as Saudi with it.

This is a matter of operational and political failure; it is also a moral, ethical failure. This is a government betraying its fundamental pact with its citizens to assure their safety and security, as the danger for the Israeli citizens due to the actions of the IDF and the IAF is making life insecure in Israel. Were the government to order the IDF to put an end to the arson campaign which is virtual impossible other than to eliminate the total Gaza population and even that would not work and as such would fail. An operational failure is legitimate because lessons can be learned from mistakes; you fix things and improve. The moral failure is unforgivable, as murdering people because they have a different religion, different life style who have seen their country slowly being absorbed by a oppressing regime is never a solution as Adolf Hitler would be able to tell you if he was still alive.

The way forward is to talk, not like Israel by holding a knife over the Palestinian throat, but by speaking man to man honest and straight forwards. The problem is that Israel wants only Power, Control and the benefits while they see the Palestinians as people who actual should be slaves of the Israeli. But even this has led already to the resistance of the Israeli people towards the regime leader. But the signs are on the Wall either peace or as in the year 70 a expulsion, again. YHWH is watching and as the past is anything to go by he will not be pleased.

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