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32555 The killing of Floyd

Actual the story of the killing of George Floyd began over four decades ago, and it has grown larger and thicker when times passed by. Within in it, those stories of the numerous crime like actions of convictions and killings that occur far too frequently in a nation proclaiming to have the best democratic system in the world, just a shame it does not actually work.

At first glance, the faces of the wrongfully convicted appear to be as unique as the individuals themselves. Yet they are starkly similar. They are almost always poor, usually members of America's minority communities, incessantly convicted on the basis of flawed eyewitness testimony, junk science, lack of financial resources, and, in some cases, perjury, prosecutorial misconduct and/or the deliberate withholding of exonerating evidence. Not surprisingly, in a system, this corrupt, almost all of their convictions were upheld, often in arrogant and condescending language, by appeals courts determined to preserve the legal system's illusion of infallibility at any cost, even if it means punishing the innocent.

Although poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron realized in 1970 that The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, it has become painfully apparent that the continuing injustices perpetrated against the Panthers will also not be televised, despite the plethora of television "news" programs and channels, which are supposedly devoted to coverage of the legal system.  After all, in the profit-driven eyes (and persistent lies) of America's corporate-controlled media, tales about Britney Spears shaving her head or the death of Anna Nicole Smith are more "earth-shattering" than stories about the wrongful imprisonment of African Americans.

We will not be surprised if you never have heard of the Black Panthers, or of Dhoriba bin Wahad 19 years in prison before the conviction was overturned. His memories of struggle, his pains throughout his time in prison, the difficulties to obtain the documents of his innocence that the white power told him did not exists, till it was proven beyond doubt it did. Also, don't be surprised if, until a few years ago, you did not know the name of Elmer Pratt.  After all, it was only after his release from custody after twenty-seven years of wrongful imprisonment that the corporate-controlled media finally decided to do the decent thing and to condemn the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for the perjured testimony used to obtain Pratt's conviction.  Until that time, in the eyes of these media, Pratt did not exist.

In 1993, an article by Stephen G. Tompkins it was revealed how far the corrupt power structure actually went to preserve America's legacy of racial injustice. We realise that this was not as bad as under Donald Trump who even glorifies the KKK as the right group of white supremacist that should rule America with himself at the top. It was revealed that members of the United States Army's "special forces" had spied on the family of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. "for three generations," and that members of the Ku Klux Klan were even offered para-military training in exchange for information on the civil rights movement.

If this wasn't egregious enough, the FBI, then led by a virulent racist named J. Edgar Hoover, was more concerned about preventing the ascendancy of a "Black Messiah" than combating crime or promoting equality and justice.  To achieve this goal, the Bureau mailed an anonymous letter to Dr King, calling him "an evil, abnormal beast," and trying to convince him to commit suicide.  The FBI also, in April of 1968, sought "to alert La Cosa Nostra" about a speech made by civil rights activist Dick Gregory that condemned the influence of organized crime in predominantly African American communities. 

The first is that the Panthers were initially targeted for engaging in activities that were perfectly legal.  As Panther co-founder Bobby Seale explained in a recent speech, the BPP based its strategy on earlier attempts by community activists in Los Angeles, California to monitor police activity in the hopes of reducing institutionalized racism and incidents of police brutality. Court rulings had determined that citizens were permitted to observe officers in the performance of their duties, as long as a reasonable distance was maintained. But, the Police did not obey this ruling, they went on harassing, lynched and jailed. As a result, the Black Panthers did what the white’s already were doing and allowed to do, the right to bear arms.

Combining these two legal rights quickly made the Black Panther Party "Public Enemy Number One" in the eyes of the President, FBI and the law enforcement community. In a similar style and way as is done on this moment under white supremacist president Donald Trump. In addition to the injustices perpetrated against Wahad and Pratt, Lee Otis Johnson, leader of the Houston, Texas Chapter of the BPP, was sentenced to thirty years in prison for allegedly passing one marijuana cigarette to an undercover police officer. It did never happen but it was used to learn the blacks a lesson of do not mess with the whites, join them or be seen as a terrorist. So the whites of the administration, the FBI, the KKK and others in the so-called law enforcement groups simple started to murder them, bust in their homes, shot them, hung them or lynched them.

For example, Ronald McKinley Everett is seen innocuously as the founder of Kwanzaa, changed his name to Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga. He was known as the man behind the black power movement and co-founder of the Black Nationalists. But many have said that he was an FBI stooge "US" murdered several members of the BPP, including John Huggins Jr., Carter, Sylvester Bell and John Savage.  Ironically, (but perhaps not surprisingly) the two "US" members convicted of killing Huggins and Carter "escaped" from the same prison where Panther leader George Jackson was killed during an alleged escape attempt three years earlier.FBI agents.

According to a November 25, 1968 memo from Hoover, FBI agents were ordered to "fully capitalize upon BPP and US differences."  To accomplish this, the Bureau circulated anonymous cartoons boasting of the US killings. In one such cartoon, Karenga is shown sitting with his feet comfortably propped up on a desk, crossing the names Huggins and Carter off a list entitled, things to do today, the plot from |Edgar Hoover did not work but did cost many Black their life.

Not all African Americans were so easily duped, especially since the Bureau's anonymous letters were written primarily by white agents endeavouring to sound "black."  Malcolm X was the major African American thinker that influenced me in terms of nationalism and Pan Africanism. As you know, towards the end, when Malcolm is expanding his concept of Islam, and of nationalism, he stresses Pan Africanism in a particular way. And he argues that and this is where we have the whole idea that Cultural Revolution and the need for revolution, he argues that we need a cultural revolution; he argues that we must return to Africa culturally and spiritually, even if we can't go physically. And so that's a tremendous impact on the group, after agents in Chicago, Illinois tried unsuccessfully to convince an African American street gang leader to murder Chicago BPP Chairman Fred Hampton, the Bureau turned to informant William O'Neal, who subsequently provided details about the layout of Hampton's apartment. 

In the early morning hours of December 4th, 1969, Chicago Police raided this apartment, killing Hampton and Mark Clark, leader of the Peoria Panthers.  Although not a single shot had been fired from the bedroom where Hampton had been sleeping, he was shot twice in the head at point-blank range.  In fact, out of the ninety-eight shots fired during the raid, the Panthers had fired just one shot, the rest was incoming police gunfire.

The "raid" has been used throughout the years not only against the Panthers but also in Idaho at Ruby Ridge and in Michigan at Rainbow Farms, where questionable fatalities also occurred.  The strategy of law enforcement is to fabricate relatively minor charges against a person or group of people because of their political viewpoints or activism, then organize a "raid" to facilitate arrests. This was the case with George Floyd who was so evil way murdered by the police. Knowing that resistance is likely, law enforcement can then abandon the minor or bogus charges and file more severe ones or, as in the case of Georg Floyd simply kill them outright.

But the war against the BPP not only targeted its members but also its supporters. When a white activist from Michigan named John Sinclair formed the "White Panther Party," to demonstrate solidarity with the BPP, he was sentenced to ten years in prison for the possession of two marijuana "joints which plated no doubt by the police on orders of the authorities." This draconian sentence resulted in the "Ten-For-Two" concert, where musicians, like former Beatle John Lennon, raised awareness of Sinclair's situation.  Today most experts agree that Lennon's appearance at this concert was the catalyst for the deportation proceedings that were subsequently instituted against him.

But John Lennon was not the only well-known victim of the white supremacists. The Actress Jean Seberg was also hunted down by the FBI for her support of the BPP. Before she died by suicide, the movie star had been missing for 10 days, having left her apartment in Paris with a stash of prescribed barbiturates, wearing nothing aside from a blanket. When her decomposing body was found in the back seat of her white Renault, parked on the street, she was still wrapped in it, having been dead nearly that whole time. Black actors were threatened, as was Sammy Davis.

They say history does not repeat, in the case of Black Americans it most certainly does under the White supremacist Donald Trump, he uses the Black Americans if they have value for him, and have them killed as a warning to the black Americans, to obey or get killed. Feeding on this bigotry, the FBI anonymously circulated a rumour to celebrity "gossip" columnists, falsely claiming that Seberg's unborn child had been fathered by a prominent member of the BPP.  The intention, as the 1970 FBI memo plainly points out, was to "cause her embarrassment" and "to indoctrinate the negative form of her image with the general public." They drove her to death, deliberate.

The FBI who should be law enforcement actual were committing one crime after another protected by the USA administration while indoctrinating the American people otherwise.  But while law enforcement agencies were condemning the BPP for its claims that law enforcement in America was corrupt, brutal, racist, and unjust, these same agencies, in fighting their war against the Panthers, were engaging in the very corruption, brutality, racism, and injustice against black people in America.
However, I am asked today via emails of I think that Britain is in the same league as America, and sadly I have to say, yes they are, that people do not die is due to the fact that British do not wear guns. But the arrest rate per one million people is higher than in America. We see it in Britain daily on the streets, and the actions of two police officers filmed in Suffolk does prove the point.

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