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32518 wrote those words?

Who wrote the book of Ester

as it says: "And Mordecai wrote these things and sent letters to all the Jews throughout of the king Ahasuerus, near and far" (Esther, c), and as writer Rashi on this verse: "And Mordecai wrote - is this scroll as it is. "Also, later in this chapter," and of Esther these villages and the book says "(T, heart). again wakes Rashi verse talks about the Book of Esther -" And the decree of Esther etc. - Esther Request by scholars of the generation set and write this book with the rest of Scripture and is, and is written in the book ". Rashi links the spoken verse Talmud (Megillah M, a), where it states that Esther application smart "watched generations." That is, the book was written by Mordechai and Esther and sent wise to accept it to be part of the Bible.

Opposite position emerges from the Gemara in Bava Batra - "Men of the Great Assembly wrote Ezekiel, and twelve, Daniel and Esther." Mordechai and Esther did not write the book, but the Great Assembly! How will contain the two things together? Who wrote the Book of Esther Mordecai and Esther, or Great Assembly?

Another question arises, what made the wise determine the holiness of the Book of Esther. Because, it seems that the story is a story of a life in exile, a story which includes the following words, where God did not mention it even once. The answer to this question is well-known - "Esther Holy Spirit spoken" (Megillah M, A). Ie the contents of the book stems from a - God, even though it may not seem at first glance. We'll discuss the issue of the Holy Spirit of the Book of Esther and thus the question of writing the book resolved.

Tanya, Rabbi Eliezer says: Esther in the Holy Spirit was said, thus: Now Haman thought. Rabbi Akiva says: Esther in the Holy Spirit was said, thus: And Esther carried like evidence. Rabbi Meir says: Esther in the Holy Spirit was said, thus: and know that Mordecai. Rabbi Yossi Ben Dormskyt says Esther the Holy Spirit was said, was said: And that's not their hand. Samuel said: You Hui innocent huh Amina Melta Dadifa container, said Kimmo and Get - Kimmo over what they had down.

Rava said: Container Ethan Hu serious flaw, bar Mdshmuel Dalit Lia serious flaw. Huchotihm of Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir appear to be based on the accuracy of the verses scroll. When there is no mention of human writing can seem crazy correspondent - This indicates the writing of the book of the Holy Spirit. In contrast, in the opinion of Samuel must demand the verse, "Kimmo and get the Jews" and in his own special language to learn that writing the book was made with the consent of God.

Great add words conditions - Contrary to Samuel - incontrovertible. Further, the Gemara explains the fallacy According conditions as common denominator is writing the book can write crazy things, even if they have no valid metaphysical. Then, Ravina comments on the greatness of Samuel proverb - "Grandfather Hda Flflta Hrifta recommends Tzni Kerry" (= good pepper basket full of pumpkins). Finally Amoraim are two other sources indicate the Holy Spirit of Esther: "Rabbi Yosef said, from here: And these days of Purim should not fail from the Jews, Rav Nachman bar Yitzchak says, from here: no memory and appreciation from their sperm."

There are many questions that come up this interpretation of the Talmud: How can the Talmud eliminates at a stroke of the hand, the views of the three conditions and says that their opinion was rejected because the opinion of the Amora Samuel.

Why good Samuel's belief refuses to terms? It is using a method that accepts the validity demanded only the sanctity of the verses which in this case nothing is questionable. It seems that Samuel uses interpretive tools relevant only after the text has been defined as a saint, and how such a tool can be used to prove the sanctity of the text? This casually disheveled.

Views of Amoraim end issue taking the same mindset that comes to desert conditions - the power of statements that only 'knows everything' can tell them proved scroll written in the Holy Spirit. If so, why not rejected their minds the same way that rejected the views of the conditions?

Haticom pagan numbers did not mention the name of a saint inside: A"c verb that were members of the Knesset Great when we said. Early binding of Isaac on the Five Scrolls. Rabbi Yitzhak Arama presents a complex picture of the writing of the book. The book was written for the first time in school history kings and Persia without the Holy Spirit at all. Its authors were probably Mordechai and Esther, but the Holy Spirit is not served on them while writing the book. Then, take the Great Assembly the same wording and clarified from the need clarification, semolina made him clean up.

This process of clarification stating that it was the Holy Spirit. Seem to learn from here that the Holy Spirit is prophecy that 'hear' the words of the prophet, but to a lower degree.

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