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32495 converted by the media
The bible stories
32496 Aut Nihil
Aut Ceasar
32497 or just a simple flooding
Noah's ark
32498 The artificial created anti-Semitism
32499 proof later
Believing first
32500 or just faith.....
An addiction
32501 Bestowed upon us by God
The manner of love
32502 of all.....
The saviour
32503 Who is fooling who
The main question
32504 But who is doubtingh the creation
Some doubt
32505 will He return to us.....
2000 years ago
32506 The story of the Ukraine
Bandera the so admired killer in WW2 by the EU.
32507 With the devil on your side
Who can fail.....
32508 It grows.
Belief is like a tree
32509 I will presch........
Being the least of all saints
32510 The bibles answers
Who can.......
32511 Antique books.
Killing off a market
32512 A path for us.....
God has laid out
32513 You can move mountains.
If you belief
32514 without a church
Spreading the word
32515 On heaven and Earth
Praising the Lord
32516 or are they not?
Are they?
32517 Let us pray.....
When we say.....
32518 wrote those words?
Did Mordecai
32519 Without Jesus?
Would the Hebrew be known
32520 Any real proof of Jesus?
But is there any?
32521 a belief?
32522 Immunity
A system
32523 Revive thy work
Oh Lord
32524 What to do with him
A masn called Christ
32525 Spirits, deities and gods
first three pages
32526 Are the churches getting the hungry
To the table...
32527 Called Jesus.
What tyo do with a man
32528 The mediator
32529 Spirits, Deities, Gods
second part
32530 I should do.
What is it....
32531 It rules religion
32532 full of self control
See a man
32533 Spirits, Deitie, Gods
part four
32534 In the hand of God
We are sinners
32535 Are you?
Iam a Christian
32536 The microben
Human health
32537 Where is my strenght
Heavenly father
32538 Spirits, Deities, Gods
Part four
32539 He shall help us
Do not hesitate
32541 Microbal inflamation
Maladaption of the body
32542 of the feet
The washing.....
32543 Spitits, Deities, Gods
Part five
32544 from gopfor wood
Make yourself an ark
32545 What is life to you,
Our life,
32546 Use it well
Time is short,
32547 When old passes away
All becomes new
32548 Spirits, Deities, Gods
part Six
32549 His love will remove it.
32550 It stirs up your love
His love
32551 The holy spit works.
Through providence
32552 Hell for you.
Hell will be.....
32553 Spirits, Deities, Gods
part seven
32554 Rejoice.......
All the people......
32555 The killing of Floyd
The previous history of
32556 Language
streken Frysk
32557 Karaites
The story
32558 God
The concurend
32559 Atheist
Part two
32560 McCarthyism
A look in the past
32561 a view of God
The Western countries
32562 It's burning
The Negev....

32507 With the devil on your side

Wherever man erects a house of God to pray, man will find that the devil already has a chapel ready.

If we examine the above two we will find that the latter has the most of the congregation. The words that are spoken are not spoken to please the Lord but to hear they saying it. This word will be denied by them but they should take the cross and follow God, although this seems to be a hard word for too many men. However, it would be much harder if they would hear the words of Gods voice saying: Go from me you cursed people and go into the everlasting fire. This will be a shock for Richard Dawkins the Devil’s advocate and his followers, when he find out that the everlasting fire does insist indeed, and he will be in there without any protecting clothing, day after day.

The ones who however will follow the word and the promise of the cross will not dread that word of everlasting damnation as the sign of the cross will point to Heaven on the day that God will come in judgment. That day all those who followed the Lord and the salvation of the cross and with this confirming them to Christ will await this judgement with great trust. Therefore why should we dread that judgment when we walk in the shadow of the cross? The symbol of the cross means health means life means protection from enemies, protection by the Lord strength of the mind, the joy of spirit; it is the sum of virtue the perfection of holiness. It means that our sins are taken of our shoulders if we sin as we all do from time to time without realising it. Let God judge us not the people who are sinners themselves.

Therefore put your trust into the Lord and you shall go through life everlasting in peace. Walk therefore where you want, seek wherever it pleases you and you will find no better way than the way to the Lord on all your walks. If you however fails to see the road mapped out for you then they will suffer as do shall not find what you are looking for willingly or against your will. You shall either suffer through your body or through your spirit or soul. Sometimes you shall be forsaken of God and sometimes you shall be stirred by Him. But yet it shall not be in your power to be eased or delivered with no remedy, with no solace. Many will say that God does not care that he does not helps or assist, this are the ones who want instant riches and wealth, they forget that new things are invented, new medicines are found, would that not be God leading the hands of those who invent, who create, who cure?

God wills that you should learn to suffer tribulation without comfort, for you shall subdue all things to Him and avoid tribulation. Some mortal man will thinking at escaping what no mortal man should escape, as what man will be without the tribulation and support of Christ, His life was a cross and a martyrdom to give man the rest and joy of life. All of life is full of miseries and tribulation, the higher that a man profited in spirit, the higher he will feel the glory of God shining upon him, for the pain of life is comforted by the love of God. I know He helps even if we do not see it. My late wife was diagnosed with a severe form of Meningitis and the doctors without exception said take her home because she will not live long anymore, and there is nothing we can do. I did prayed to God asked him for help, and so He did to the astonishment of the doctors and the many consultants, she lived for another 15 years, this shows that God does help, even if it is not in a way we do expect.

He is watching over his followers just as the devil from his chapel is watching man causing pain and discomfort upon them. However God is there to spirit the strength to man and give him inwards grace. He will be so greatly supported and strengthened to reject the advances of the Devil with his love for God. For the more he accept the grace of God and accounted himself to God the greater is the easing of the pains that man must suffer. It is not the might of man that eases this but the grace of Christ that man does so great things in his name.

It is not like man to bear a cross, to love the cross, to punish the body, to bring it to slavery, to flee honour and gladly to sustain reproofs and wrongs, to despise him and to will to be despised to suffer all manner of adversities with harms and to desire no manner of prosperity in this world. If you look at yourself see what you are, the follower of the devils chapel of the follower of Christ who dies at the cross to save mankind. If you trust in the Lord then strength shall be given to you coming from Heaven and the world and man shall be made subject to the commandments, your fear for your enemies will be gone nor shall you dread the devil if you are armed with faith and trust in the Lord.

Therefore ignore the devil in his chapel next door and step forwards as a good and true believer of Christ. Make yourself ready to suffer many contrary things, situations and incommodities of life; for He shall be with you wherever you are and you shall find him wherever you go. As such it is said there will be no escape from tribulation and sorrow from evil forces which make you suffer. Place yourself forwards to suffer the tribulations and see them as the greatest consolations; for there are no passions of this time worthy to deserve the glory that is to come. When this point is arrived the glory is sweet to you and is savoury to you for Christ then deem it well with you, you have found paradise on earth.

As so long as it is grievous to you to suffer and you attempt to escape from it, so long the evil will be with you, you try to escape it but it will follow you everywhere. And if you put yourself forwards as you should do, to suffer and even to die, it shall soon be better and you shall have found peace. Then you will be carried into Heaven and never suffer as Christ said: I shall show him how great things he must suffer for my name. To suffer therefore remains for you if you love and praise him.

God would not make you suffer anything for the name of Christ for all men commend patience through few will suffer much more grievous things for the world. Know for sure that you must lead a dying life; and the more that a man died to himself, the more he start to live to God: there is no man fit enough to take heavenly things unless he submit himself to the glory of God. There is nothing more acceptable to God, nothing more wholesome to you in this world than gladly to suffer for Christ. If you had to make the choice you would rather suffer desire to suffer things for Christ than to be refreshed with many consolations. You would praise the Lord and praise the name of Christ.

Because this is what Christ is telling us; blissful is that soul that hears our Lord speaking through us and for us and we take the consolation from His mouth. Praise the lord and blessed are those that receive the words of God and take heed of those words in this world. Blessed are those ears that are deaf for the whisperings of the devil, blessed are those who eyes are close for the predictions of the devil. Blessed are those that they pierce inwards things and study them to find the glory of the Lord and cast them out of the influence of the devil. This we can say of the Lord, You we will follow to you we will listen and follow and obey your words. Keep with us and we will find peace and comfort in the Lord.

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