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32504 But who is doubtingh the creation

         To place this in a more up to date situation, the opponents of the Creator are like supporters of a baseball team. What ever their team is doing is right, no questions ask.
While they squander through the darkness of their mind searching for any possibility any sign that could put a disbelieve in the Creation of the Almighty.


Constant looking for the weak spots in deeds and in the writings of the history of the beginning of time. We remain in our knowledge of the Almighty we do not have to search for the truth it is right in front and around us day and night 24/7.

All the views we can take from the working of the mind, the moral relations, the laws founded on them are most important it gives us a view of the working and the implication of the working of the mind.


The intelligent mind, the temper, and actions corresponding with this intelligentsia are essential for the behaviour and happiness in all.

The Earth and Heaven above, the mind and the intelligent is just only a small corner of the Almighty kingdom of Heaven. The intelligent minds around us see the daily examples of the Sublime Creation, but they don't want to see it they see just progress of an evolution process and progress what in reality does not exist for which they do not have any realistic proof and having no intension to see it from the reality side i.e.: Intellectual Design.

We are told that the world could not have been created in 7 days or 144 hours, there are two ways to look at the creation, one from an absolute point of view and one of the views of realisms.

The absolute point of view is that every letter in the Bible is correct and has to be seen as being correct. The realistic point of view simple sees the Bible as an by humans written book transferred over thousands of years via stories from father to son from mother to daughter and every generation had its simple alterations to the original story.

The basic however, is the same the Almighty did create the Earth and the heaven. However the 24 hours a day was not known in that time, nor was the day divided in hours or minutes, known was day and night morning and evening the rest was either day or night were as by the night and sometimes the day's were longer or shorter depending on what time of the year it was.

As there was, no knowledge of the time as written in the Bible the creation could not have been made within the 144 hours.
There is no doubt about the creation but this was over a considerable longer period.

The earth was without form and void, the Bible said, and God created heaven and Earth.

That was on the first day, or it was the first act of the creation, later translated by humans not as the first action but as the first day. If it were the first action of the Creation than that could have been thousands even millions of years ago, which would fall in line with carbon dating of the Earth.

The evolutions have so far never knowingly made a claim that they know how the heaven and earth had come into existence. They never will from science point of view, and they know it. They will be able in future with no doubt proof that a creation has taken place and that in theory the Earth could have been created out of the big bang theory. However, that on itself is no proof other than a suggestion based on probabilities, which could be true and could be not true.


However, even if hypothetical the great minds of the evolutionist, the supporters of the big bang theory could make sense out what had happened. Is that proof that the Almighty did not do this on the first day of his creation. If there was a big bang then there had to be something to make the big bang happening.


Now we are back with the God Almighty. An Intelligent Creator only could have made such an occurrence possible and so we are back on day one.

Do the intellectual minds of the evolutionist realize that while calculating the stars distance the light years to travel dating the soil and fossils investigating the history of humankind they fail to see the obvious.


The Creation itself. They know what they see but don't see it they hear it but do not listen they read it but do not comprehend what is written, they do not apprehend that all of the world and all what happens on it is an adornment with a show of Divine wisdom of the Almighty.


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