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32500 or just faith.....

Buddhism as experienced in daily life.


The question of Buddhism is a faith or a belief, is something that is seen as a question that has dubbed many people for many years.

Belief or faith are commonly mixed with each other as a fundamentally reason to engage in a practical action seen by different people in a complete different light.


The bottom line question is here do you belief or do you just have faith that that belief is a belief you can really be building on. However, there are many faiths that are not a belief and which do not have the pretension to be a belief.


Therefore look at Buddhism, it is not a belief neither a faith, it is an inner conviction of a way of live. It is that conviction they belief in. However if you speak with the many directions in Buddhism then every Buddhism hanger on seems to have a different way of looking at it.


They are the conviction of peace they say, however the history have learned us that by many troubles, wars, uprising and rebellion there was a solid wall of Buddhism supporters. They even went so far to training man and woman in fighting, in killing and resistance. However they always said we condemn violence, this is maybe so but they do promote it by advice of rebellion, resistance, promotion of violence. Given that they do not do it themselves they instigate others.


This works just as the gangster boss who does not do the killings themselves but have others to do that for them. Still ultimate the gangster boss is responsible.


Take for example the SGI, an NGO organization that said to be on the fore ground of a philosophy aimed at the awakening people at the limitless potential and value of their own lives.


After a half year close by observing the actions of the SGI it turned out to be nothing else then an aim to collect so much as possible people who would be easy influenced and taken in by their sales technique. The result as we have seen, is a close relationship with other sufferers of this SGI syndrome the togetherness but above the; I want to be more Buddhist than you are, mentality.


Families were abandoned; parents slung aside as old rags, figural speaking and that all for the togetherness with likewise minds. This is not a philosophy but an attempt to attract those people who are in fact mentally or financial down and outs. To make them belief that you by shouting to the Gohonzon the creation of Nichiren; nam myoho renge kyo would give you inner strength and belief in your own inner strength and possibilities transforming the feeling of having no aims, no direction into the delusion of having no fear, having the wisdom, the courage and the compassion. They do not have they only think they have as the SGI says so, as we were told so many times.


The close reality is that those people like all sects are close only with other members of the same sect.

Family and others, friend, brothers, sisters and parents are ignored, unless they want something from them, in most cases money to buy the many SGI presents which they then give away in the hope they attract other members. This will increase their standing into the SGI and it works like a pyramid selling. If the real principles of Buddhism actual could be seen after someone was passing away then they would notice that it is simple the end, nothing there, no return, no rebirth, just nothing.


However, if the principles of the Buddhism would be right then a very large percentage of the SGI Buddhism would end up as one day flies as abandoning family, parents and friends, for your own sole benefit will be dead against the basics of Buddhism and are in fact purely evil, and pure egoism.


For the SGI it is indeed important to create a large base of followers, followers who are told that only the chanting to the Gohonzon can save them, can open their inner self. That shouting several times a day the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo will give them the power to reveal their inner possibilities.

However, shouting any line would give you exactly the same possibilities. The line we will hear many times in the coming weeks for example is, Engeland-Engeland in the hope that England will reach the football finals. However, even so the Dutch will shout; Holland-Holland for the same reason as will any supporter of any country taking part shout his countries name time after time in the hope they will win.


The famous Rome-Rome shouted by the attacking Romans two thousand years ago made them win many battles, it revealed their inner conviction to fight and to survive and win.


It is that principle that was used by Nichiren to stimulate his followers, not to reveal their inner possibilities but to bind them to the new Nichiren Buddhism. It brought him in conflict with almost every other Buddhist group and the Countries and local Governments, hence his deportation. Only his death saved him from being executed.


This principle is now the principle of SGI. There is nothing against the move to learn special westerners the learning’s of Buddha. There is nothing against the fact that the learning’s of Buddha can have a life changing effect on a person. There is nothing against the fact that many want to live like Buddhists and the learning’s.


However, there is a lot against the fact to use people for your own glorification and promotion of the SGI. The SGI need more followers, it will strengthening their NGO influence, in the NGO community,

however do they ever have thought about the suffering they cause, when sons and daughters abandoning their parents, their families, their brothers and sisters. Have they ever thought about the devastating effect it will have when the SGI member  will found out that all that shouting all that chanting to the Gohonzon did not change anything their life at all, but did them loose their friends and families, so that they with no other way to go has to stay with the SGI, disillusioned, disappointed and back were they started. No they do and did will not do so. Their aim is to enlarge to grow to get more influence and therefore who care about those members who found out that it was just a dream, a bad dream for that matter.


To their luck there are real Buddhist organizations that can and will pick up the pieces.


However of what we have seen and experienced those members will be destroyed in their faith or belief forever.


However we have no doubt that the ones who pull the strings, will cash in and will be accepted the glory for the SGI, which includes the destruction of many lives. If there is an life after this one, than no doubt they will return as that one day fly, to die day by day and never to be reborn as a human again.





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