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32498 The artificial created anti-Semitism

There is an organization that represents the journalists in the world; their philosophy is to report honest and direct from the source. The question is however how many of them actual do this. From where we standing they produce lie after lie, government propaganda after government propaganda, but honesty and direct from the source NO.


There are over 25,000 Jews living in Iran making it the largest Jewish group in the Middle East outside Israel. Were in the Western world Jews are scared to leave their home at night such as in the US the UK and now in The Netherlands the Iranian Jews do not have that problem they are well respected they are not persecuted or abused as they are protected under the Iranian constitution. They are free to practice their religion to live their lives and work they vote as all Iranians in the elections. They are not humiliated in public bullied, stopped and searched at checkpoints, they are not bullied and penalized by the police or army, nor do they have to live under an occupation. This as the portrayed different from the concentration camp (Gaza) who have to live their lives at the same way as the Jews in Warsaw during WW2 only here they are also deprived of the basic means for living. In Iran the Jews do not have that problem there they live their live as they want without any form of interference by the state. They are in facto citizen of the State of Iran. Man would expect that ran would take revenge on the absurdities of the State of Israel, but in practice that is not the case.


The anti-Semitic government of Israel is set on demonizing the Iranian President. The western media under control by their governments are repeating that claim. It once more shows that the so called honest and direct from the source reporting journalist are in fact just pen  pushers for their governments by simple writing down all what the government will tell them. We still remember the farce of the WMD in Iraq, and fantasy launched by Israel without any proof, just as the nuclear weapons of Iran are fantasy stories without any proof. We see in  Syria as we have seen it in Libya, the journalist takes the side of the by the Western countries preferred. That is not journalism it’s just like I do writing stories, the different being that my stories try to resemble the truth the way I say it rightly or wrongly.


Strange enough the anti-Semitic government in Jerusalem who severely discriminate against Palestinians, the Bedouins, Arabs who are of Semitic origin more so then the Jewish today and anyone who is not 100% Jewish, calls the president of Iran anti-Semitic, an obvious absurdity as more then the half of the Iranian population are Semitics. Where the Israeli Jews have almost no Semitic line to proof, most of them are from thousands of years in Germany or Eastern Europe or Ethiopian also from thousands of years past. In that time they mixed with the population inter married and eroded the Semitic line out of their heritage. Therefore they are mostly not Semitics and the fact they use it is just a way to call everyone else who does not agrees with their killings an anti-Semitic. The only part that the Jews in Israel have in common with their neighbors is that they have learned to speak Hebrew. This fact does not make them Semitic, just people who have learned a Semitic language nothing else. If an American learns to speak French it does not make him a Frenchman. It makes him an American who has learned to speak French.


We are well aware how the politics from Israel works, is it based on the old Power/Greed and total control, the main reason for the creation of the One God system, not because of the religion but almost solely for the easy control of the people. They killed Jesus Christ although he was the promised Messiah because there was not enough money to be made they realized when he destroyed the money changers tables in the Temple. They realized that they would lose their grip their power if that Jesus managed to get the people behind him, therefore he had to die. Christ did die and the American Christian celebrating this fact by obeying the Israeli State, by given them billion, giving them the latest weapons and in exchange the bankers are giving the Americans money.


They called the old president the new Hitler, the reason of why? It fails us to that reason, there are no Concentration camps in Iran as there are in Israel. There no war going on to temp to control other countries, as Israel does. There no clamp downs on undesirable people as there is in Israel and above all the large majority of the Jewish population in Iran voted for the present President. It does show that those journalists are just launching the hate propaganda from the Western government on instigation of Israel and the USA. Just as in the WW2 the Israeli propaganda works in the same way as Goebbels propaganda network, with the different that the one of the state of Israel is more vicious and based on 100% lies. In short who trust an journalist. If someone dares to speak the truth, like the English MP David Warren then he is suspended, as speaking the truth about Israel is almost as committing a murder. And the entire journalists are as a pack of wolves hunting him.


Let us get the facts straight! It is Israel that is the anti-Semitic state in the Middle East, as they are against all other Semitic states and groups just see how they threat the people in the Gaza concentration camp and the Palestinians at the West Bank. And yes I know that all the Jewish in the West bank on illegal stolen land, all near 600.000 of them all say our best friends are the Arabs, never Palestinians, always Arabs, and that those Arabs are so happy that the Israeli have taken their land fields and homes, then again what is a lie for an Israel Zionist. Those Arabs (Palestinians) are Semitics, they are being driven of their land, their homes almost annihilated by Israel so the conclusion must be that the state of Israel is anti-Semitic, special if you take into account how evil they threat the Bedouins of the Negev, where they throwing the Bedouins out of their homes erasing their villages and treat them as second rate citizens, an apartheid system not seen after South Africa.  Can it be more evil? No it cannot.


If those journalist had an ounce of honesty in them then they would write the truth, we admit that the chance of a long life would be severely shortened, seeing the enormous amounts of unexplained deaths of journalist who dared to write different. Iran never have threatened Israel, they never have said that the wanted to eliminate the Jews. He simple pointed out that Israel’s system was illegal and so it is. However the US controls the Media and the Media wants government contacts so what the US government says simple goes under the heading repeat a lie long enough and the people will belief it, and they did. Those people see a headline day after day and as they do not think for themselves they take it over it is as simple as that.


Hitler did exactly the same, repeating the same message over and over again and the people did believe him, till it was too late. The present shows the same tactic by Israel and the USA and by the time the Western people will find out it will be too late. Iran poses no threat to Israel. As every state in the, they just want peace and a stop to the daily threats from the Israeli and American aggression. The war propaganda machine from the Israeli and the USA have found a new dimension to their daily inventions of lies the U.S. State Department has alleged discrimination against Jews in Iran. They say, Jews cannot occupy important positions in government and are forbidden to serve in the judiciary and security services and become directors of public schools. They also say that Jewish citizens can obtain passports and travel outside the country, but they are often denied permission to multiple outputs normally accorded to other citizens. But the world knows by now how the West works, the Spy gate of the NSA have made show of it.


If it was not so serious you would laugh, so read the Iranian Association of Jews statement: "We Iranian Jews condemn the statements by the U.S. State Department on Iranian religious minorities; we announced that we are completely free to perform our religious duties and not feel any restriction to perform our religious rituals." In Tehran alone there are Jewish schools many Jewish Synagogues, they were never under any threat to be close by the Iranian government and they are free to travel where ever they want.


Then look at the West Bank and the Gaza concentration camp. There we see the Semitic population trapped by an army of occupation. They are deprived from daily food and medicines. The children grow up with mental illness arising from the trauma of sporadic violence. Their families are affected by armed boats of the IDF shooting at them while moving on beaches. They are crushed by bulldozers or hit in the head by rubber bullets. They are affected by gas or beaten when they do peaceful demonstrations for civil liberties. Their leaders are not hunted and killed just to give the IDF something to do.


The Jews are pointing every second they get to the suffering of a previous generation and then inflicting the same on the Semitic population on the West Bank and Gaza. Is it not time that the Jews said for once in their life something honest and admit that war is a way of live for them just as lies and fantasies. Would it not be time that they admit that they are hunting the Semitic population and that they therefore by definition are anti-Semitic and racist. Above would it not be time to get the chip of their shoulder and start to behave as normal people and not as a pre-historic tribe that never managed to grow out of it while at the same time using the latest’s of modern tools with pre-historic thinking. Above all will they admit that the state of Israel has nothing to do with Jews and that as such they definite are not a Jewish state? Saying that they are a Jewish state would be an insult to all the Jews worldwide we are well respected and regarded as decent citizens.


Even for an anti-Semitic state they could try for once to be honest, then again we doubt that very much.


Above all would it not be nice if journalist is starting to report news as it is, and not as it is told that it should be by certain governments, as now are those journalist taken with a pinch of salt, nice to read but not to belief.

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