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32497 or just a simple flooding

 Global warming, rising waters, turbulent weather, the polar caps melting, and we all are on the brink of being drowned in the high rising waters due to the global warming. Is there a point that scientist who predicting this global warming, getting paid? They know as we do that there is no global warming, they know just as we do that they just following Government orders to create the story of global warming.

Just as the writers wrote the Christian bible on orders of the pope's. Both nice stories both complete fantasies. In both cases no real proof given only fabricated probabilities. However if you tell a lie long and loud enough people at the end they will start to believe it. It is at that point the churches started to cash in and at which point the governments are starting also to cash in. You either believe what you are told or start to think for yourself.

There is big money to be made out of such stories. And we do mean indeed big money. That it is not thru, so what, people will believe it anyway, and after all it's the way you tell them. Whole new departments will be set-up to create and charge for the costs of global warming, we talking here not million but billions to be made. And if that kind of money comes in to it who cares of it is correct or not. People will be restricted to do or to take actions as they have done in the past. New charges and penalties are created to restrict people further and let them pay.

 The scientist or actual pseudo scientist as they do not perform science but use science to create a scenario that can be used to create the illusion that the global warming is indeed thru. That kind of scientist that is prepared to say that 2 plus 2 is 7, if they get paid enough and that they can proof it, this is what is called creation science. You create something that does not exist, make it as such that people will believe it, and a new money spinner is created.

Look at that other story, that what also contains Noah's flood, nothing can be proven, no evidence is there, but what a story, billions are made out of it and are still made out of it nearly daily. No evidence, but look at the churches, the cathedrals, the enormous quantity of paid and voluntary staff and that all from a book that has no known writer about a story for there is no proof. The ultimate money spinner, you have to believe, even if you don't as you never know it could be thru.

Then look again at the global warming story, nothing can be proven, no hard evidence is there, but what a story, look at the special for that story new science centers, the special office buildings the enormous quantity of paid and voluntary staff and that all from a single suggestion for which there is no hard evidence, no proof. The ultimate money spinner, you have to believe, even if you don't as you never know it could be thru.

That is not possible people will say look at the weather, look at the heat the rain the storms, they are worse than they were ever before. No, actual they are not. We publish it more we give due to the speedy rise of home computers/laptops more access to information. We have now worldwide media supply with all the latest stories, actual or not direct into your computer, the newspapers and the TV news channels. They all have to make money so the stories have to be more and more special. Not accurate but special. An occasional rain field will be seen in the media as a sweeping rain with the chance of extreme flooding. A normal summer temperature will be seen in the media as an extreme heat wave. It sounds better and it sells newspapers and raises the viewer quota.

However is it thru, when the details at the end of the year are made public official it will as always turn out to an average year. Maybe one month warmer as normal and a month colder as normal a month with some more rain and some month drier than normal. However the average will be the same.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       There is a reason the polar ice advances and retreats. It is not at random. Scientist will tell you that the variations are there because of changes in the Earth's orbit. From school most of us known about the Mk's cycles and we know that the last major glacial advance was about 18,000 years ago. Some more specialists in that field of science say that we are still in an ice age and the current warming trend is just an interglacial period or temporary retreat of the polar ice.

                                                                                                                                                                                    The Neocene Period was a time when the continents were crashing into each other. Mountains pushed up in many places. It created the Himalayan Mountain Range. It raised the Alps and the   Pyrenees. The Rocky Mountains and the Andes Mountains formed in North and South America during this time.

                                                                                                                                                                            Noah's mountain as allocated in the 4th century as being Mt. Ararat, is however a volcanic mountain. These kinds of mountains were probably formed during and after the event. After the continents had moved and the rising water had stopped, the created tsunamis had finished their onslaught and earth had calmed down. Prior to the rising water when the last ice age came to his end the earth did not exist as a collage of shifting plates, nor did it experience the related tectonic and volcanic activities. It was the ending of the ice age what created the rising water which in turn created a flood what may itself have been triggered when the earth's crust was fragmented into these plates releasing subterranean water, volcanic gas, and lava.

General the geologists state that cylindrical mountains like Little Ararat show that it is a post-flood mountain. However the formation of Mount Ararat is difficult to retrieve geologically.                                                                                                                                                                                     However out of the type of volcanism and the position of the volcano raise the ideas that sub-duct ion relation volcanism occurred when the Tethys Ocean closed during the Neocene.                                                                                                                                                                               Some researchers are convinced that it was impossible for the ark to have grounded on Mt. Ararat. The mountain was not in existence at the time of the flood but was actually formed much later as a result of volcanic activity. 

                                                                                                                                                                      However now a day's the story of Noah's flood is slowly moved to the back ground as more and more people in the know do not longer believe the story. There has never been any archaeological or geological evidence found for it. What’s the evidence we are presented with, there are worldwide stories that tells us that there was a kind of disaster in connection with rising water and a flood. However there is indication of a global time scale, this does not means that the floods due to the melting of ice during the ending of the ice age did not happen. In fact we would say there is plenty of evidence that this kind of flood did happen. After all the sea water level went up by at least 100 meters the pressure created the breaking of the continental shelf, must have been enormous as the shelf smashed into each other. The tsunamis created must have been enormous and the flood created must have been able to wipe out civilizations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


However it did happen only was the land was in contact with the sea either directly or by a delta/river opening. The higher ground had his coming up by the creation of mountains and volcano’s with large rivers of lava and ash rain. In those area’s the flood stories are missing; we find them in Japan and China when the rising water separated both. We find it in more than one place in south East Asia where Indonesia, Australia, Borneo, Madagascar and Nw Guinea suddenly were not longer connected.  

Russia was separated from the America's and Britain from Europe. Everywhere in the world we find the stories that an extra ordinary nature ramp had occurred.  However there is nowhere any proof that the world for the best part of a year was under thousands of meters of floodwater. Nowhere in the world do we find archaeological evidence for any form of disruption to populations, cultures or settlement patterns at the required date other then at coastal areas.

 The sole piece of evidence used by creationists is the so-called ‘flood deposit’ found by Sir Leonard Woolley (1880-1960) at Ur in 1929.  This easy to explain as the Tsunami coming from the Indian Ocean due to the shelf disturbance must have been very high indeed, it then broke down in and onto the area of the river delta at what is now Kuwait. The speed and pressure must have been surely much further land inwards, this with the rising waters would explain the presence of the previous civilization the followed flood deposit and the civilization after the settlement of the water and the shelf's. The flood deposit is indeed a very thin layer.

It took the Ice age about 9000 years from start to the end. There is simply no evidence from any part of the world to support the Biblical account of a worldwide flood between the 4th of the 2th millennium (or at any other time, for that matter!) that wiped out all humanity, land animals and birds.

The stories surrounding the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh include a Flood legend so like the one in Genesis (with a Noah character, Ziusudra, known to Ancient Greek writers as Xisuthros), that they are obviously a source for the Noah story. The Babylonian conquerors that moved the Hebrews out of Canaan and into exile made it obvious that the Gilgamesh story was re-written under Hebrew names. Even so the re-named the players and the place it is obvious the same story.


The Sumerian story in the Assyrian Epic of Gilgamesh, the survivor of the flood is called Utnapishtim, who landed on the Mountain of Nisir. There is also an Old Babylonian poem that mentions a universal flood, this time with a hero called Atrahas-imacrs.  Most Biblical scholars agree that the ancient Hebrews adopted a flood story into their mythology at some point during a period of close contact with Mesopotamia.


It will be seen as a mere fact that the Global warming and the flood of Noah are both human stories for which a enormous amount of written paper work exist, but that have in common that no proof can be shown. The only proof here is that we simple have to believe. If we believe and believe intents then both stories will be thru as we will not any further questions we simple believe. If we believe the Bible story then we will believe the Global warming story. Both are human creations to proof a point. Not to proof a reality, just a point.

 However, believing a story is up to the believer, just as with Noah's story there are millions who persuading their flock that it was exactly as it is written in the bible. This is the same with the global warming story, there are millions who want to make us to believe that it is indeed as it is written, the scientist said so, and just as in Noah's story the Christian church said so. It does not mean to say it is thru. However in both cases they are making an awful lot of money out of it. And that seems to be the main point of the exercise, Greed.



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