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32495 converted by the media

Sometimes we want to have a good laugh and what better place to find some good laughs then at the many so-called religion sides. They are the masters who take a story make up two thousand years ago and set it then in a present situation. Sad but it is good for a laugh. Look at the story they have made active now to collect the funds they need. They are now expecting two upcoming wars which are indicated in Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38/39 and Psalm 83. However nor in Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38/39 and Psalm 83 is there any indication that even in the slightest of way's point to any war today or in the future. We are watching for two upcoming wars which are described in Psalms 83, Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38. By Christian fanatics and money makers this is shown as the situation is today. However the writers of that story Ezekiel by his own admission was a captive in Babylon when he wrote this. He had no knowledge of any of political situation of today nor did he have any knowledge that there were more countries and land in the world then the lands he knew of.


When Christian fanatics and money makers are saying: When both wars are analysed to exact detail, it points toward the Psalms 83 war preceding the Ezekiel 38 war. They mean actual, that they are talking rubbish but hope that you will buy their literature so that they make some money. Their view of the timing of the wars is marked by hints in scripture, they say although whatever version of the Bible you read there are no hints. The Psalms 83 group of nations that have made a confederacy against Israel are missing in the group of nation listed in Ezekiel 38. The scripture also says that the weapons of war will be burned for 7 years in Ezekiel 39 which seems to align with the last week of Daniel.


Naturally the group of Countries against Israel are missing from Ezekiel and Psalm of Asaph, as most of the countries now did not exist in Ezekiel times. In fact Ezekiel mentioned only one Country Magog or Magoch which ever version you read the leader or king is Gog all versions are clear about that. However there are many stories in the Middle East history that are mention Gog and Magog. It is from there that Ezekiel said that Gog made a pact with other kings to wipe the Israeli out as they were interfering and aggressive. Some stories say the others were the Persian, who were much nearer to Israel then they are now, others say they were the Moors, but also Ethiopia and Libya are mentioned. In the centuries following upon today the area of enemies as was intended by Ezekiel is enlarged almost daily.


Here we going in the old habit of having one occurrence and then try to make it to fit of into any situation you want. What the real word for this is Fraud, Lying and confidence tricks. After all those Christian side's knowing very well what the story is and what it did mean. In Ezekiel's case it was meaning that one day Israel could start the fight back and be one strong country again. The Christian side's will point to this and say you see we were right, Ezekiel was right, Israel is strong again. Wrong, Ezekiel was talking about all the tribes of Israel. The present situation is only Judah. Judaism is present in Israel the other tribes for more than 2000 years were not to be seen or heard from. Again was this the fantasy of the writers of the Bible 2500 years ago as twelve tribes sound better and more stabilising then just one tribe. However telling their readers this would not bring in the money, so that part is simple ignored.


Other Christian side are saying that Psalm 83 want to wipe Israel of the map, it does not say that, they simple having enough of the always quarrelling and conniving argument al Israelis. It that context it should be known that the bible clearly shows that from the time Abram returned from Egypt his group attacked almost every other tribe around them in their expansion drive. Thereby as the bible clearly indicates and on which the Israeli are very proud, they were lying and cheated with fraudulent actions not only the Egyptians out of a fortune but did the same with the Ammonites and the Philistines, not exactly a way to make friends. However it was more than enough to annoy other tribes and states, to make them to wanting revenge. Some Christian sides put it that the root of the hate against Israel has it roots in the Islamic countries. This is absolute rubbish and they know it but it can attract money which is the reason for mention it. However the Islam was only created more than thousand years after Ezekiel statement and even longer after Asaph's Psalm. Even more so the early Islam and the Jewish community outside Medina in what is now Saudi Arabia were living peaceful together, till the time that they started to create the as usual trouble as which result they were driven out. This is simple hate creation by those Christian website who with that violating their own learning and principles in the hope that they can earn a couple of bucks.


Take this statement found on one of the much money making Christian website. The language is out of today's headlines and the countries lined up against Israel in this Psalm match the neighbours who are in this revolution. The former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that Zionits must be wiped off the map. Besides the fact that the said Zionism the former terrorist group till 1996, America and their servant state, that he said Israel must be wiped of the map, what he did not say as the proof did show, it is still highlighted many of times, although it is a fake stories media it is just a racist invention by Zionist to score point, the countries against Israel and that are 98 out of the 142 countries of the world or to put it more clearly one billion people living in those Israel supporting countries, which leaves five and a half billion of people in the countries against Israel. Most of the countries now against Israel did not exist in the time of Asaph Psalm. Most of those countries were tribes with no exact place of living and moved around till they settled on the places they are now.




Look at some of the fantasies that have to bring the money out of the pockets by the readers of those sites.


Hagrites (Hagarenes are Egyptians)


Arau (Mid and N. Sinai they are Bedouins)


Gebal (Hezbollah & N. Lebanese)


Amman (Palestinians and N. Jordanians)


Moab (E. Dead Sea S. Jordan)


Amalek (Arabs of the S. Sinai area)


Philistia (Hamas of the Gaza Strip)


Tyre (Hezbollah and S. Lebanese)


Assyria (Syria and N. Iraqis)


Persian (Iran and turkey)


Gomer (N. Lebanon)


Aram (S. Syria)


Aramean (N. E. Jordan)


Nabatu (N. Saudi)


Edom (Negev)


Magog (Russia)


Meshech and Tubal (S. Russia, the Scythians)





Another statement that always is used to create hate is Isaiah 17.1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. That is then followed by, this is the trigger for Russia to step in. The logic is not to be found but money is there to be made so who cares. That actual the Bible speaks over about a time period of 3 years after the Moab situation of Isaiah 16.14. However Ezekiel said that the war against Magog was to take wealth and riches from Israel. Wars are always made to gains however; in that time Israel was nearly stripped of all they had so that it was obvious that Magog wanted the land. Ezekiel 38:1 And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him.


Ezekiel 38-39 has to occur before Daniels 70th week can begin because it's the Battle of Ezekiel 38 that brings Israel back to the Lord and makes the Temple mentioned in Daniel 9:27 necessary. Therefore all that talk that Ezekiel was talking about the end battle is utterly rubbish. The battle against the Van Kingdom was done before Daniel 70th week as Israel was restored to the Lord. It is not known what is the obsession to see all what is written in the bible as an real and then placed such event somewhere in the future, it is not. It is a story, sometimes rambling of the Hebrews in their early years when they needed to put the people together and stay one people. That event failed, Israel and Judah where fighting each other. The Northern part of Israel fell in foreign hands and further wars instigated by Judea made sure that a 400 years later not much was left of the state of Judea. Then Rome made sure that indeed the state of Israel was wiped of the map.


The battle of Israel can be seen in another version of a good book. Take the battle of Gondor out of the Lords of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. How should followers of Christianity react to 'The Lord of the Rings'? These films and books take us into a world of unseen powers and predictions. That is just as the bible shows us power and predictions, however does that mean that we should take the Lord of the rings serious just as the Lord of Christianity. After all the both stories following the same line of powers and predictions, the same lost and won battles, the same battle for legal and illegal kingdoms, the same treachery, cheating and lies. The question is it right for people to belief a book with many stories, a quest to be for filled, above all is it right that people actual turn those stories into a religion belief?


Is the world into which those stories take us if we start to belief them if we take them as serious would that not be dangerous? And if that believing is OK, what is the real difference between 'The Lord of the Rings and the Bible. Can we see those stories as dark materials and continue story a fact of life and religion? And how many people think Lord of the Rings has to do with the Bible? There is Good vs. Evil, like Sauron as is the Devil and Sarumon as the Anti-Christ, Man and Hobbits against all evil, Like Israel against the world. The death of Suramon is the survival of the Good. Just as the Death of Christ is the survival of the good.


Could it be that Middle-Earth created by Tolkien was a kind of Earth beginning with the Elves or Hobbits as the earlier inhabitants? Like the story in the Bible it is certainly a mythical world where as by the mythical story of the bible is taken serious, but the world of the Hobbits is an world genuine good versus evil, with deep personal decisions, the sin of one Gollum as a sin which could destroy the Hobbits world, just as in the Bible the sin of man could destroy the world. In both books the power is carried by angels or elves, both mystic and mysterious.


However do us really belief that what was written into the bible is a prediction for the future, are we so gullible that we need to hold on that kind of stories to get a stable life, (or make a lot of money in the process). We do not stop people believing, they have their free choice to do so, and people can believe whatever they want to believe. Having said that it goes too far to create and re-create the stories to suit an occasion because there is money to be made. After all just as the Greece mythology, the Bible story is a mythology and can only be looked at via a myth graphical perspective.


What does happen today in the world has no relationship with what did happen in the stories of the Bible, many occurrences in there cannot be verified or located names like Magog, and although that land could be with near certainty be the Kingdom of Van with the Meshech being the Scythians.

There are further stories from the Jewish being a Roman Josephus but we really would not put much confidence in his writings. After all it is proven that he wrote what his master wanted to hear. Annex to that the persons character has to be seen dubious, special his survival of the Roman onslaught in which he, while all others died managed to survive, and as an enemy not only was warmly welcomed but appointed to the emperor almost instantly. As the Americans would say, we have a traitor in our mid.


Believe what you want, that is our right, but do not be taken in by stories which by closer looking turning out to be good stories to listen to, but not to spent any money on.



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